Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Bandwagon.

I've not done Thursday Thirteens before, but I've read many of them. A lot of folks say now-a-days says "Thursday Thirteens is dead" well, considering we have a dreamcast and two game cubes, I'm comfortable with dead platforms.

Doug was talking today (at my suggestion) about Flickr Follies, so I thought I'd do a Thursday Thirteen Flickr Follies (TTFF)

I chose to search for: image_200 and got 553 hits. One the first page I noticed a lot of folks with very silly interesting expressions on their faces, so I'm going to choose thirteen faces, and invite you to make up the stories about them. You can pick your favourites, you don't have to do them all.















Lyvvie said...

1.) "On the Tube and I need a poo, Duuuude!"

2.) ""

3.)What mean people do to their blind friends.

4.)"Oh Yah, like Reallllly!"

5.)"Oh my, look at the pretty ladies. Oh my my." (Think Renfield)

6.)"I'm waiting for the boogies to fall. I got time."

7.)"Sake bad...sake bad...sake bad..."

8.) "Now where is that protractor?"

9.)"OW! Vampire Bees Vampire Bees!

10.)"I am a Queen. Look at my pinky, look at my tiara. I own this place! I even make a shot glass look regal."

11.)"Bollywood, here we come!"

12.)"I've had my shots, I have bling - leave a message and we'll hook up."

13.)"Suicide may be painless, but I'm getting bored waiting for this driver to finish his lunch. Who has the energy to jump in front of trucks these days, I ask you..."

I'm not feeling all that funny this morning.

Doug said...

Very cool idea, Lyvvie!

Nancy J. Bond said...

#10 -- "Dude, you like totally stink!"

Terrific idea for a TT list, Lyvvie! Happy Easter...I bet your little bunnies are excited. :)

Maja said...

What a crackup.. that's brilliant!