Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lord have Mercy...

MY daughter just told me two things I wasn't really prepared to hear.

"Mummy, I have a secret. I have a crush on a boy at school. It's big Kyle. But he doesn't like me. He's nine."

I handled it well, explaining that nine year olds aren't really interested in girls yet and she'll have to wait until he's about thirteen before he notices her in the same way. She sighed heavily. but was ok with it. The whole time my head was reeling with thoughts of: She's in love with an Older Man?! What's this Kyle look like - does she have good taste in men? He better be nice - I'm not suffering any bad boy fascinations in my teenager. Does this mean I can stop saving for the sexual reassignment surgery - I mean she's been telling me she wants be a boy since she was three, I was preparing for it... I don't want to deal with a seven year old's broken heart - I'm not ready!!!

Then as she was leaving for school, she smiled at me and said "I'd like it if you were preg-a-net again. You should get preg-a-net." Then she skipped away to the bus stop before I could hurl my shoe at her. I sense my Dad has been whispering into her ears.

Just to make this clear to all - even Dad, though he's been gone for five years now - I'm not having any more preg-a-nancies. No more babies. I've had my clutch and I'm done. This uterus is now closed.


Maja said...

I didn't have a crush on a boy until I was 10. But even then, it was nothing sexual it was just something to think about and talk about with friends. Kiddie crushes are weird, actually.

Suisan said...

It'll be OK. My eldest went through a number of crushes between 8 and 11. Now she's 12, likes one guy, "But not in THAT way", and generally thinks boys are hopelessly juvenile.

The grammar school crushes are sweet though.

I'm a little worried about the six year old though. She's got these hammer lock hugs for two boys named Grant and Brandon in her Kindergarten class. And she gets them to fight over her. Scary.

(And my uterus is closed for business too. Definitely. No Question. Uh uh.)

Chunks said...

I also enjoy a closed uterus.

I went through a similar thing with my youngest, didn't think she's ever start acting like a girl! She has though and now I am wishing for her to go back to the way she was before.

Godspeed Lyvvie!

SafeTinspector said...

Preganet! Its an adjunct to the internet run entirely by pregnant pauses, chads and uterises. Probably runs on Linux. ;)
Uteruntu? HAHAHHAHAHA!!!

Anyway, as a dude I didn't start getting interested in girlies until I was 12-13. And then I didn't really find myself attracted to fellow little peoples, I was far more interested in the ladies in the lingerie section of the Sears catalog.