Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Like sands through the hourglass...

I've been having a bit of bad luck this week. Everyone is on vacation, so the house is full and the Husband is ill, but he doesn't want to be a drag so he keep making big plans for us to go out and do "Fun Family Activities" but as the time to do these FFAs draws closer, he's obviously not well enough to go. So I have to say "We're not going" and he says "But I don't want to be a drag, I feel awful ruining their fun" but we never tell the kids we planned a day out so they don't care either way. So today We're not going to Glasgow's science museum, we're going to the soft play place and let the kids run riot for a couple hours while we sit and read or something adult and boring....well he will anyways. I'll be climbing about having fun in the soft play tower and going down the bumpy slide.

Yesterday when I got home from the gym, Husband was having a hot steam in the shower. I'd have a wash after him. When he got out, I put the hot water on in the sink and I heard our water heater go "Clunk clunk clunk klerbong." and we now have no hot water or heat. Which isn't so bad as it's warm outside, but annoying. Needless to say, last night we needed showers so I packed the girls up and went to the sports center and they were happy to let us use the showers in the changing area. The girls had a blast as it's a giant open shower room so they ran about turning on all the showers and listening to their echoes off the tiled walls. Sassy didn't even break out into her usual hysterics when she slipped and fell on her ass. It was great. "Can we do this again tomorrow?"

I may go to the gym this morning - as I thought we were going to Glasgow I didn't book anything for the creche. I may go to work, because they asked me to do an extra shift but I said I couldn't because we were going to Glasgow. I think I will go to work tonight. If I'm not working out in the gym, I should at least be lifting heavy objects at work: yes? yes.

I have my referral for the private hospital to have the voluntary mammogram. It'll cost me £80, which isn't so bad. Peace of mind for £80 - not bad at all.


Manblogger641 said...

I say go get a mammogram. Better to be safe then sorry. Good for you for getting one in the first place. More ladies should have them done!!! Water heater replacement time? Good luck.

Maja said...

Your health is worth any price. What a bummer about the water heater! We have a gas one at the moment, but we'll be getting a solar heater next.

Laurie said...

Pay the 80. Well worth it.

I do love the Scottish accent above all accents. Have you one?

Chunks said...

I love the words you used to describe the hot water tank dying! Good idea to go to the sports center! I would have boiled water or some such tedious thing and cried the whole time. I'm not much of a coper lately!

Get the mammogram.

Lyvvie said...

I'm going to get it - oh yes. Never any question.

We got the heater fixed today - it needed a new pump. Expensive but expected expense.

Hello Laurie - Welcome! I have a mixed accent - it's still very New England, but I can slip into a Scots accent very easily. When working in customer service, as I did for many years, it helps to fake a local accent to avoid annoying questions. My family in the states think I sound Scottish, but the locals here can peg me as a Yank right off the bat. I'm a verbal mutt.

Chunks, I swear those are exactly the noises it made.And I'd have let the kids go dirty if we didn't have the gym up the road, or hey - baths in the kitchen sink, we all thought those were great kids didn't we?