Saturday, April 14, 2007

I am a Demon From Heck!!

WEEEeee mee heeheeee. I am Evil Mother Of Torment!! I demand Children clean their rooms and TIDY before going out to play! Muahahaaa!! I insist they eat a decent breakfast - NO COOKIES!! I make sure they are DRESSED PROPERLY before skipping out into the cold or too much sunshine. I am EVIL!! MUaaa HahahaaaaHaaaaaaa HAAA! They hate me!! They despise me and I GLORIFY in their misery - I drinks it up like nectar, I suck it up like cola through a straw. It is my LIFEFORCE!! More!! I demand more misery from my's time to ask them - TO STRIP THEIR SWEATY BEDS FOR FRESH CLEAN SHEETS!!!! Oh yes, Oh yeeeeeeeesss! I can feel the hatred all ready. It fills me, it completes me. More more MORE I need More!!

Clear up your toys so I can mow the lawn - Delicious indignation!!

Have a banana instead of a cereal bar - Delectable pouting!!

Clean your hands after using the toilet - Beautiful stubborn pride!!

NO You cannot have dessert after your breakfast Hahahaaa haha ha HAAA!


Oh Lord I cannot take such sweet joys, such divine justices!! I am not deserving of so much pleasure!! Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!!


Maja said...

Use your anger!!

tornwordo said...

I'm giggling helplessly.

Chunks said...

I love the way you think!

NWJR said...

Yesssss...yesss....embrace your anger! FEEL it within you! Soon you will turn to the dark side and CONTROL THE UNIVERSE WITH YOUR AWESOME POWER!


Nancy J. Bond said...

You're hilarious. :)

Suisan said...


Of course this morning the little darlings will return to school after being off for a week.