Thursday, April 26, 2007


Shorty keeps calling Willy Wonka "Willy Plonker", and she's not even trying to be rude. We recently got the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I love it. Just love love love it. It's brilliant. Johnny Depp is a weird sort of person in this movie; kind of an odd mixture of Jim Carey and The Church Lady. and the Connecticut Millionairess

My nephew sneered and said "I liked the old one better." Well you know what kid; you keep it. *snap* I'll keep psychotic squirrels over boring old golden geese anytime. Why are twelve year old's such know-it-alls?!


Chunks said...

I love Johnny Depp in this movie. He looks like Michael Jackson a bit too. I find it odd that I am still attracted to him when he looks like this, but I will take it.

Maja said...

I liked the new version. I thought johnny depp was bloody amazing and it just makes him all the sexier that's he that good an actor.

Lyvvie said...

You thought M.J.?? I was thinking Freddy Mercury.

Yeah - he's a brilliant actor. To go from Willy Wonka to Captain Jack and make them both desirable - pure fucking talent in the extreme!

Badger said...

I like the old one better, too, but that's probably because I have a longstanding crush on Gene Wilder.

Blazngfyre said...

Johnny Depp is by far, THE most underrated actor alive! lol
He gets better and better with age (sexier too!)

Since this is 1 of 3 of my ALL TIME favorite movies .... the 'newer' version is closer to the book, and I prefer it to the old one.
Although, like Badger, I am attracted to Gene Wilder, so I own both and watch them back to freakin back.

I need a life.

carrie_lofty said...

Oompa Loompas scare me. But yes, Depp has said in interviews that he was trying for an MJ vibe, the eccentric recluse in his own world.

And then he's frickin' Cap'n Jack. Amazing.

Lyvvie said...

OH! The Oompah Loompahs in the old one freaked me the fuck out as a kid. I didn't like them. BUT I ADORE Deep Roy. He's wonderful. I've got a crush on him, he's just so darned lovely.

I also adore Gene Wilder. But now I think on it, the old movie freaked me a lot - the scene on the boat with the weird animals, and beheaded chicken, Wonka's creepy song, the room where everything is cut in half...? I tried to explain to KIA Nephew that the new movie is more like the book, to which he answered "It is?" so I told him to read the damned book before he casts opinions.

(besides, the kid in the old movie sings off key so much my ears bleed.)

Sylvana said...

I prefer Johnny to Gene too.
Oh, and the new movie to the old ;)

Sarah said...

I liked it too!

Hey, do I add daily haunts? Or do you have to pay for that option? I want to link you so I visit more!!