Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And we all say: Blah.

Got the blahs. don't know why - well sure I do but you know me, I'm not one to whine on about it and bore folks with troubles here and there. But then that's what it's about this blogging, a place where you can bitch moan and complain and folks listen or don't and it doesn't matter. I should just vent.

I've made an appt. for Sassyface to see a counselor. Her tantrums and rage issues are getting worse lately and I'm at the end of my patience for it all. I've followed the advices but I've had enough. I know she's mad at me, but I don't know why. she says it's because I love Shorty more - but Sassy's not an overly affectionate kid. She's not the sit and cuddle sort. She wants to sit and talk to me all the time. She talks about the wild and important things of an eight year old. After a while I glaze over, then my head aches, then I feel my skin needing to retreat and I just can't take it anymore. Does it make me a bad parent that I'm not interested in Yugioh, Pokemon and Dr. Who journals? This morning she was telling me about how to make one's self invisible by cutting a raven in half, taking out its heart and cutting that in half, bury the heart with a bean and when the bean grows into a bean plant, you can take a bean off the plant and put it into your mouth and while it's in your mouth you'll be invisible. Oh thanks Horrible Histories for that nightmare inducing fable. Breakfast wasn't so nice this morning being tainted with raven heart.

I'm meeting with a dietitian this afternoon to sort my diet out and figure out why this plateau is taking so long. I've not lost weight since October and I'm rather bummed.

I got my Race For Life pack through the post yesterday so I have a snazzy pink t-shirt and a pin and a donation sheet I can take to work and the gym and such to bully folks into giving money to charity. I'll be fine, I'm rather persuasive and charming when I need to be. I'll get a picture up soon.

So there's a tip-of-the-iceberg post so I don't feel guilty about avoiding blogging. I also feel guilty for not doing any kind of SBD post because SBD is something I love to deth and want to do but can't find the energy to essay or book report.

OH, and my period is due!! So there's a kick in the pants for the emotional control. I'm beginning to think: Bring On The Menopause! Men have no clue what it's like to go through life thinking "Is this a real emotion or a hormone emotion; let's evaluate." it's what makes women so dull at times. Well, I Think so anyways.


Suisan said...

Mmmm. Froot Loops with a seasoning of raven heart just sounds so appetizing. As soon as the kids get up, that's what I'll offer them. Won't *I* be a good mommy?

And hey, I'm a firm believer in therapy. Just be aware that it can be hard to find a good child therapist. It's tougher to get kids honestly involved in the process.

But it's DEFINITELY worth the effort on your part. For nothing else than just to have another adult to talk about how to deal with her at home.

tornwordo said...

I think men have hormonal emotions too, they just don't get it, lol.

Blazngfyre said...

Well, since i've been peri-menopausal for the last 6 years or so, I can only say that menopause can't come fast enough!
Honestly .... the memory loss, night sweats, racing heartbeat, hot flashes and of course, NEVER knowing anymore when (if) my period will show up and all the while riding the estrogen roller coaster from HELL are no longer "amusing".

I hope you & Sassy can get through whatever the issue seems to be.
Childhood should be fun, but it usually just ends up sucking.
Why is that?

Maja said...

Crikey you haven't lost weight since october. You're hot now so why not just stop where you are? Well, stay as you are.

Sassyface... can't you keep up the pretense of being interested.. or maybe she doesn't have any friends to talk to, maybe that's the problem, rather than you. She could be reliant on you because she has no friends. I hope the counsellor helps.. but do you think that maybe having a counsellor could do more damage than good?

who knows with kids... good luck!