Friday, March 16, 2007

Trouble in Condolife...

We live in what could be described as a condominium. With emphasis on the "mini". It's a two bedroom duplex with a garage and large garden. We love it and bought it for it's location with an eye of expanding; converting the garage into another two rooms and putting a conservatory out the back. We've not expanded yet, well, we have, but only in family members. The real problem with cozy living is we only have one bathroom, and four bladders.

(7:05am. Everyone's been up for 15 minutes. Shorty is bouncing everywhere, Sassy and Husband are ignoring daylight and staying in bed. I get the bathroom first. After me, Husband goes in.)

I'm making Husband's lunch...

Sassy: I need the toilet

Me: Well you'll have to wait, Daddy's in there. Why didn't you go when you woke up?

Sassy: I don' know!

Me: Well you know Daddy will be mad if you interrupt him. So you can either use the potty (she makes a face) orrrrrr... you could go outside and pee in the garden under the tree.

Sassy: OK!

Me: Wha... sure. ok. (thinking she'd freak at such a suggestion.)

But no, out she goes into the garden and she comes back a few minutes later glowing in happiness.

Sassy: I didn't even get my feet wet!!

Well that was a joke that totally backfired. Have I just created a "naturist"? She says she'll do that from now on if she needs to go and the bathroom is occupied. I'm kind of praying for rain when it happens.

My Dad would've been proud.


Chunks said...

Hahahahahhahahah Oh that little girl is going to give you a run for your money!! That was a funny story!

Contrary said...

Now, see, when I suggested that the then 3 year old go pee on a tree in the backyard (because he was By God not going to pee in the potty!), he informed me that that was where the dogs pee and then he gave me a look that told me he'd be calling social services if I tried that crap again.

Thank goodness he has since come to terms with the potty.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Even when I lived alone I had two bathrooms.

Great hair, BTW.

tornwordo said...

That's adorable! But I wonder what the neighbors will think when they see your daughter squatting outside in the garden, teehee!

Steven Novak said...

Didn't even get her feet weet...sweeeeettttttt... ;)


Maja said...

hahaha, now you've done it!

Geezer used to go in the garden when we had a one bathroom house. Not for number 2's of course.

Manblogger641 said...

Too funny! HA!