Monday, March 05, 2007

So tell me if I'm wrong...

Yesterday was a weird day. We went to MIL's house where I only cleaned the dishes and stovetop because everything looked rather good. Gave Jimbo his £4 for chores and told him bannisters are the bit that support the rail, those needed cleaned not just the rail to which he said "OOooooooh." The rest of the time I made coffee, played pokemon dungeon (the blue one) on the DS and watched lame Sunday TV (it was a Time Team kind of day).

After that we drove to the grocery store where honestly I said I only needed toothpaste but once I got there I thought, Hubs wanted danish - almost willing to drive all the way to Costco for some, so I'll get him a couple to hold him over. Then I got some fruit, some snacks for lunch boxes (which I forgot in the big shop on Saturday) and I got some pull-up daipers because I bought the wrong size yesterday, and LOOK they had a big sale on clothes and I need trousers so a quick skim....Husband phones me "We're done. Are you almost done?" I said I was looking at trousers but wouldn't be long. "I'll come in." and then honestly, I was done in about 10 minutes, bought the stuff, poor Hubs had to carry a sleeping Shorty and then we were gone.

I notice Hubs is somewhat agitated, but he says nothing. He drives a bit more aggressively, proclaiming how many idiots there are on the road today. He even gets honked at, granted by a jerk who was doing 60 in the high speed lane and wouldn't pull over to let us pass so Hubs passed on the inside lane instead. I sense...he's agitated. Yup. Definitely. Agitated. Is it me or something else...I don't know.

When we...

You know, I already typed this post out when firefox crashed on me. I'm in no mood to type it out again so I'll summarize:

Husband went all touchy and stormed out of the house after I presented a peace offering of a danish. He walked in the rain for 45 minutes, then came home and had a nap. I think the nap would've been best first.

MIL had all of her filing out on the table, there was a big folder labeled "Mortgage" which contained insurance information that'll allow her to take a payment break for up to a year. It was there in the house all the time. Did she make the phone call? No. We're currently taking bets on how long it takes her to phone to make the insurance claim.

No SBD today as I've not had time to read. Go see Beth and see who else may have something interesting. (And although Beth wants you to admire her knife block, I have to say Look at the Monkeys!!!)

so there.


chryscat said...

I see that life is as lovely there as it is where.
Small comfort, eh?

Sorry about all the shit aclustered about.

And no...thirty-five is fine. It's the rest of my personal life that sucks shit right now.
Moving onwards and upwards.
Sanity? I don't need no stinkin' sanity!

Anonymous said...

Sooo...why was your husband all bothered? Just stress, or was he mad at you? (sorry if I'm being thick---have post workout brain!)

And---to chryscat---There ain't no sanity clause!


Lyvvie said...

I still don't know why he was mad at me...he's gunnysacking that for now. I'm going with "cranky and needed a nap" explanation for now because for real and true: I'm an angel. (And I did have to double check the spelling because I didn't want to write angle and have some smart arse say "What kind of angle are you? Right angle? 90degrees?" to which I'd respond with "Yes, 90 degrees, infact my right arm is forming a perfect 90 degree angle which is bisected by my left arm at mid-point, just for you." and you have to be kind of a math nerd to get that.

There is no sanity clause, but we should invent a Sanity Claus!! A divine creature who climbs down our chimneys and leaves presents of tranquilizers and perfectly well qualified nannies to take the strain of child rearing off our hands for a bit. You know...Sanity Claus could be a hot, sexy guy who works with the sandman to give us hot dreams that seems oh so real - perhaps they are. *sigh*

Chunks said...

ooh I could use a Sanity Claus!

Sorry to hear of the MIL-induced foul mood of hubby. Danish works on women but I think men need other things to cheer them up. Striptease, lap dance or some such nonsense.

Weary Hag said...

Oh nuts. I was SO hoping things were going a little bit better for you these days. Poor you, Lyvvie.


On a happier note, I did notice Beth's monkeys and thought they were just too cute for words.Monkey canisters. Monkey kitchen theme ... oh the possibilities! (thanks for the smile today)

Be well, little one.

Kate R said...

I was waiting but it didn't strike me as weird day though I admit the family is weird. They usually are.
I can think of few things odder.

Maja said...

Hmm... hey I know this is going to sound a bit hippyish, but it's worth a try. In this book I've read about loving your work, it suggests to picture bright light (lightness), like happy light, around people you have to deal with who are negative. To sort of wish positive energy on them or surround them with positive energy in your thoughts, which will help them to feel more positive and cooperative and possibly communicative. I'm sort of experimenting with it on geezer and myself.

SafeTinspector said...

You should try kruellers next.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you spoke Italian! (er, isn't that Italian body language? Guess it's universal.)

Maja, on a similar note---I always picture a glowing blue protective "egg" around my car.:-)

Lyvvie, I just want to say that you were an inspiration to me, and I've lost 8 pounds in less than a month, have gone down a size, and have MUSCLES. Thank you! *flex*