Tuesday, March 27, 2007

ow ow ow..

I have sore hip bones! Ow!

I started running again and It's given me an ache in the hip. Geez! It's not one of those arthritis pains, or anything - it's sore muscles inside my hips. It's very unkind.

Targets are to run 5K in 25 minutes. I think it's doable. I have until 1st of July to get there - that's when the Run For Life is. Cancer charity run, it's my first ever. Awesome huh!! Actually...I need to sign up for; I keep forgetting. I'll do it later, but definitely tonight. yes I will. yes I will. shut it.

We had parent teacher night tonight and I found out my Sassyface is top in her class for maths. Now, those who know me are probably thinking "How could that happen?! Didn't you fail algebra about three time?" well no I didn't, I failed it four times - I just needed the right teacher. But my daughter is awesome with the number stuff and I'm very proud. I'm sure her Dad has something to do with it all. But she's rather low in the class for writing. Can you hear my soul crying? It is, listen. It's pathetic right? I'm a writer, she should have gotten that from me! What does she get from me - my temper. It's so unfair. I carried her you know.


Maja said...

It's quite unusual for a girl to be better at maths than writing. Maybe shorty will be the writer.

Running... yuk! it's amazing how many muscles you use to do it.

Sylvana said...

Usually math and writing do not go hand in hand. They use different parts of the brain.

I'm rooting for you and your 5K! Right now I can do 3 in 30, and then I'M DONE!!

chryscat said...

That's about as painful as my oldest child who falls asleep reading and generally disdains books.
What's a Mama to do?