Thursday, February 08, 2007

I can't belive she did this again!

That damned Tooth Fairy forgot to show up AGAIN! I mean really, how awful it is for Sassy to wake up and expect a bright, shiny pound coin under her pillow and all she finds is her tissue wrapped tooth still there. I mean this is the third time this has happened! You'd think the Tooth Fairy would have a bit more pride in her work, I mean it is the only thing she does, no one else has as much experience as her. Yet here I am again making excuses for her "I bet her wings got too cold with the snow last night and that's why she didn't come - she'll be here tonight." And then I give her a pound coin instead so she can buy a sweet at the shops later on. Yes...I give her money to buy sweets for losing a tooth - geez, it's not like she lost the tooth due to poor hygiene or anything. She was a brave girl when she asked me to pull it out for her because it was so sore she couldn't eat; dangling there by a thread but she just couldn't pull it herself. So yes, she got to buy some chocolate. You would've liked your Mom to do that for you when you were a kid, right? Sure you would; which is why you wish I was your Mom, don't you.

Now, I was scanning about looking for something on the internet when I came across this story about a man, Mr. Purcell, who was so upset he'd accrued £3400 worth of banking charges over the past few years that his bank refused to refund, that he took his bank to court. Now foolishly, the bank didn't take this seriously and didn't appear before the judge on the court date, then the court said Mr. Purcell wins. The bank ignored this ruling so Mr. Purcell went and got a warrant and bailiffs to go into the bank's branch and take the bank's property to the same value of £3400. Bailiffs came in and took computers, fax machines and even one of the cashier's tills.

The thing that gets me is, this guy is being hailed as some kind of hero, like Robin Hood, steal from the rich and give to himself, but nowhere do we read if the bank charges were valid. You won't hear the bank tell its version of the story either because even though Mr. Purcell has been a downright jerk of a customer to them, he's still protected by the Data Protection Act. Unless Mr. Purcell gives the bank authorization to disclose activities on his accounts, the bank cannot tell or they could incur a fine far heftier than £3400. I'm also sure the branch had to comply with Mr. Purcell's demands because he was holding hostage computers which contained thousands of other customer account details. Some hero.

Having worked for the same bank, let me tell you, most people who incur that high amount of charges probably deserved them due to mismanagement of their accounts. The bank is not a personal secretary, they aren't going to call you up and say "Oh dear, you've gone overdrawn today - can you put a couple hundred pounds back in your account or we'll have to fine you." because they have hundreds of thousands of customers and there's no way to monitor them all. Not to mention trying to employ a full staff just to play mother hen to a bunch of people who can't be bothered to watch their own money.

When you open an account you are well informed about charges, they're written on the application form. If folks choose not to read it, that's their folly. You shouldn't sign anything without reading it. The bank will also refund any charges that are the bank's error, often with compensation on top of it, if asked. So you have to wonder what Mr. Purcell was like as a customer and businessman to reach a high level of charges that the bank was outright refusing to refund.

I worked for the head office, the managers there where mostly a bunch of cowering, spineless "whatever you say, Sir!" kind of folks who refunded charges left, right and center. Also there's a complaints process in place so that if we did say, no we aren't refunding on this occasion, the customer could take their complaint to the higher level, who then turn around and tell the branch "Bad Branch! BAD! Give that nice man back his money." and they always did. So Really, my sympathy for Mr. Purcell is in negative figures. He's an outright thief who got lucky with a sympathetic judge.

Considering Mr. Purcell has gone from owning a motorcycle business to working in the London Underground, I have a feeling he wasn't as business savvy as he was pretending to be.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

You make an EXCELLENT case for the bankers.

I never thought of it that way.

Chunks said...

The tooth fairy didn't come because YOU pulled her tooth! She only comes when it's the tooth's time to come out. By artificially speeding up the falling out process, you've thrown the tooth fairy's schedule off.

I know because it happened with my kids too, more than once. That tooth fairy can be quite a stickler!

People are so litigious, it drives me nuts! What ever happened to that thing called common sense? Baffling.

Maja said...

Naughty tooth fairy!

Mr Purcell sounds like a bit of a dick...

tornwordo said...

That's a great solution chunks. I don't think he's a hero, but the bank was kind of stupid to ignore a court summons.