Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Caught in the whirlwind...

I've been so busy! I'm barely able to get a few minutes to sit these days, never mind blog. So unfair. And I'm so tired at night I just crash in my bed and sleep like the dead until the alarm goes off.

I've been going to the gym Mon-Thurs because it's the only days I can go, really. I'm burning over 5000 calories a week just exercising, then who knows how many when I'm at work at night. But the scales aren't showing much for my efforts; damned plateaus. But I'm happy, strong and have my stamina back after being ill for most of December. Libido is back too, hooray! I think that has more to do with crocuses coming up, days getting longer and the cooing of randy pigeons in the trees. Can't wait for the trees to get leaves and the warm air is full of the smell of plant sex. I'm sure you hayfever sufferers feel differently, but I don't have that problem anymore (give up dairy and you won't either) so I can enjoy me some deep breaths. (Thanks Rich for the Kudos, it means a lot and not even a little bit was condescending)

There's a guy at work who keeps asking me about weight lifting. I was nice in the beginning but lately I've been telling him to google and educate himself. Now he asks me to arm wrestle him every week and it's getting annoying. Plus he keeps rubbing his nipples at me and that kind of grosses me out - which is why he does it. He's alright, just a young guy who thinks he's funny and I'm not on the same level anymore with what a 20 year old, ADD sufferer finds funny (even though I did completely want to make Daniel Radcliffe my bagelboy when I saw his nudish pictures in the newspaper! Not that he's 20, yet, or has ADD, but. Uhm. Ahem. Sorry but it's the bellybutton hair that got me. But you can tell it was cold in there.) He's just being laddish, and all I can think is, I want to tell his mother what he's being like away from her care. I'm living in a somewhat confused state of Motherhood vs Womanhood. This must be a thirthsomething issue when lusting after young guys used to be normal, but now makes you a cradle robber. Where the pivot point was I don't know, but I know I'm past it. I guess I have to stick with the over 25's from now on. Anyways, about annoying Lad, I may have to drop a case of something heavy on him.

Somewhere in there I have to put I've been trying to write. Nothing much but wee stories. Adult kind of fairy tales I guess. Because magic should happen to grown-ups too, not just kids. I hate that most kid's stories say adults can't see magic. Such piffle. I know it's so kids can feel extra special but it sets up an "us and them" kind of thing and, well, I don't like that.

So I'm off to get in my gym kit and head off for aerobics. I don't wanna but I'm gonna and that's that. Once I'm there it'll be fine. Just be silly and all will be good.

***15:54 update

It is such a gorgeous day today! The sun is bright and warm, it's about 48 degrees and I didn't even need to wear my coat when walking to the sport center. The birds are so noisy, even they are pleased about the better weather. I don't know how long it will take for Beth's storm to reach here, but I'll enjoy the warmth while it's here.


carrie_lofty said...

With the getting older/fancying younger guys thing: I recognize young men who I would have been ga-ga over when I was a teenager, and a part of me nods toward said young man's cuteness and appeal. But fancy him? For real? Like wanting to jump Hugh Jackman? That's not going to happen with those young ones. I have always gone for older guys and was suitably freaked out with I found out that Cillian Murphy is three days younger than me. Argh! They're not necessarily older than me anymore, but they certainly cannot be too much younger.

Lyvvie said...

Hugh Jackman, *crumple**Drool*! I just find I'm at a point where you can look at a handsome man and not really tell how old he really is. He could be 25, or 35 or 45. It's weird. So upon seeing an attractive semi-nude 17 year old, with muscles and bellybutton fuzz and veins popping all over...Yowza!

Having said that I felt icky for liking Tobey Maguire in Spiderman (it's the popping veins in the arms again, fwar!) when I realised he was three years younger than me. My husband is a year younger than me.

But Dan Radcliffe threw me for a loop, big style. I was feeling like a pedo.

Anonymous said...

Heh. One of my last flings before marriage was with a cutie ten years younger---I was 32 then.


Almost a decade later and yeah---I COULD BE YOUR MOTHER reverberates. Oy.

Popping veins in the arms and bellybutton fuzz---I'm lucky to have those in my huzbin, BUT...I wish he'd feckin' start working out with me!!!

I'm puzzled by your lack of weight loss, despite your MASSIVE output! (awesome calorie burn!) What gives?

I checked out the site you rec'd but joined Spark People (?), and have found it helpful. It gently "goads" me. And I've lost four irksome pounds---was working out nonstop and the scale would not budge.

It budged! (yay!) Now, ten or so more to go 'til birthday, almost forty til goal!

(I dare ya!)


Lyvvie said...

Anonymous B tell me who you are because I like you! You should have a blog, and I'll add you to my list and it'll be great! E-mail me if you want.

Congrats on your four pounds! I found when I started I lost 28lbs really fast - about two months, and with little effort, but ever since it's been an ounce by ounce kind of thing.

I'm not too bothered by the scale not moving, I know plateaus are essential or I could end up with lots of loose skin. I'm still losing though, which is why I rely more on my tape measure and not the scales.

I should do another two weeks of Atkins just to kick start it again, worked last summer.

chryscat said...

Hello sugar.
Valentine's Day sucked swampwater. And I'm hereby knocking the shitty holiday OFF my calendar.
Personal problems, you ask? Wherever did you get that idea?
Sounds like the gym is going great. Keep zipping around, woman.
And I'm ready for Spring. Send some of that warmer weather my way, please.

Weary Hag said...

Hiya Lyvvie! I know it's been a while (um, six months?) but it couldn't be helped. Sorry to learn you were sick all of December - now that's no fun at all. I haven't had the greatest six months either - but not a lot of that had to do with me.

Anyway, I know what you mean about not feeling able to look at the young meat anymore. 'Tis a shame when that happens, but in my case, with a daughter of 20 who brings the boys around, good lord I would feel like a perv if I even THOUGHT about looking! Ew.

Anyway - glad to see you're taking care of yourself now - I have to get with the program too and get myself in some sort of shape other than "big ol' orb" ...

Chick said...

I think you should drop a case on him...damn nipple rubber...eeeew.