Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Absconded mind...

Seems I keep forgetting to post, and yet I keep thinking "Oh that's blog worthy, I have to talk more about that. Unfortunately, after a few hours, I've forgotten, talked it to death with friends or Husband and then figure I've already blogged it. But I haven't. I peeked in here twice and was very pissed off my post failed only to realize, oh yeah, I didn't actually get around to it. I think I can be forgiven, it happens to us all right? sure it does. If it hasn't it will.

I even forgot to do my Smart Bitches Day post which I had planned on doing, even so far as to think ahead on structure rather then blubbing it all out and kicking my self for grammar and spelling mistakes (I seriously love that the Mac has an "as you type" spellcheck so all the errors are right there for you fix. Awesome!)which seriously irritates me because I want folks to think I'm smart and stuff. Not like some divvie.

See there, I thought I had already posted this, ran about the house doing chores and getting Sassy ready for judo class and I come back to play a game and there's the post I was only two paragraphs into.

So I'm killing myself in the gym these days, just upping the weights, cardio and everything until I am molten ooze by the end of it. Today was leg day, so I did 40 minutes on the elliptical, then weights for legs which included Swiss ball exercises, weighted squats, lunges and various machines all set to 25 kilos/55.1 lbs at three sets of 15 reps. Tomorrow is aerobics, back, triceps, abs and calves. Thursday is 60 minutes of cardio and shoulders with weights for whole body but at two sets of twelve. I'm paying for a lot of sins, mostly chocolaty ones.

Sassy is grounded. She's being awful. Home and at school. She's needing some divine intervention or at least a stronger angel on her shoulder because the one she's got is so damned inept. I think it flirts with the devil side. Gives into temptation a bit too often.

So anyways, just a minor bit about the Mills and Boon book last week, it was a three novel compilation of "Latin Lovers" featuring two Italians and one Spaniard. I only read two of them and then needed a break. The first one, which I don't have to hand and can't tell you what it was but as I'm not really recommending them to read. The first one was an Italian businessman who has a torrid affair with the redheaded decorator of his godmother. He resents his attraction. She resents his attraction, but the sex makes them rethink this. They have an open affair, many cities all over the world, and then when it looks like she'll confess her love, and he'll confess his love and it all looks very, very awwww cozy: she gets pregnant. Talk about a popped balloon. He thinks it's the oldest trick in the book, they have an argument, with passionate angry sex at the end that causes her a miscarriage. He hates himself, she feels hollow and then they hook up at the end, marry and have a kid a year later. It sucked.

The second one I liked a bit better, but it bugged me because the premise was unacceptable. Rich guy will buy out failing family business, preserve the company reputation thereby preventing the patriarch of that family from having a major coronary, keep his knowledge of the big brother's homosexuality a secret if the snobby sister has sex with him. Which she does, a lot, but only contractually. So she says. There's a jealous love rival for rich Spaniard guy.

I view the world of romances with a heavy sigh just now. I should just go and read one I know, or at least have been told, is good. Where did I put that copy of Lorna Doone? no wait, she bakes cookies doesn't she...Dunnett, that's what her name was. Where is that one?


Anonymous said...

What about non-"romance" romantic literature---like The Time Traveler's Wife?

Or hey, Wuthering Heights? :-)

Oh, wait, are you reading romance novels for THE SEX? Did you ever read _Green Darkness_ (not sure if that's title). Read that from library when very young and underlined the dirty parts! Oh so bad.

Gawd, I can't imagine your gym workouts. !!!! I'm lucky if I can do an hour total.


Lyvvie said...

I like romances because I like seeing the relationship build between two characters. I absolutely love Pride and Prejudice (did Beth just scoff?!)and there's not even any kissing there. But the sex has to make sense, it has to be for the right reasons and maybe it's because I'm a romantic at heart, just reading about contractual obligations of sexual relations kills the romance. When I was a thirteen year old virgin, it was a different story though, then it was for the sex.

I have read the TTW, and I liked it, but I don't think it was a romance novel. I'm sure we've SBD'd this one last year.

I'm sore today...ouch. Wah.

Maja said...

You're too busy reading mills and boons novels to post!

Lyvvie said...

Oh...no. Nononnooooo. I'm too busy keeping myself from strangling my MIL to post...I'll post about it right now.