Monday, January 22, 2007

This makes me mad!

Pantene have just launched a new series of ads that promote their new formulas for different hair types. Most of them are alright, but there's two that have rather offensive and damaging messages attached to them. The one for smooth hair readsMake Love, Not Dinner and when you see the advert on TV that includes of all the products, called the rainbow ad, there's a bit that says "Buy Flowers, Not Groceries." I don't understand why Pantene would be saying these things?

It's hard enough for women to remain health focussed and natural when we are being manipulated constantly be the media to be thin, but when shampoo ads are telling us to stop eating it's insane. Sure a poor diet will make the quality of your hair deteriorate, but I doubt Pantene's products can battle malnutrition.

I think by showing a thin and beautiful woman skipping through the town market buying herself a gorgeous bouquet of flowers instead of her weekly groceries is irresponsible because you know some college kid is going to do that. Let's hope she gets an edible bouquet because by Thursday she'll be regretting her decision. To say "Make love not dinner" is outrageous. Am I sexier because I grab the Husband and drag him up the stairs while shouting to my kids "Sort yourself out for food kids, Mommy's not making dinner tonight." It's just wrong.

I want to rant on more, but I'm really cold and have to run errands. In fact I think today I'll go and buy groceries so I can make the dinner, ask Husband to buy some flowers and then when the kids are asleep, we can make love. See, that's how smart women plan their lives around their families. And I'll be able to do all this without the aid of Pantene.

See for yourself, and tell me what you think. I seriously hate these ads. They send the wrong message about maturity and responsibility. They tell women to be pretty objects, who should be available for sex despite their own needs. All in under 60 seconds. I know a lot of men would agree with that - but they're just prats. I've complained about it. I don't usually get so annoyed by something that I complain, but this one, yeah I sent a complaint. I may just have to send a link to Ms. magazine too.

I wonder what Germaine Greer would say about it?


Gerbera Daisy said...

I think it sends the wrong message too. When young girls see this type of commercial in addition to all the girls in magazines that the pictures have been computer inhanced, they get the message that thin is beautiful.

Doug said...

Reminds me of that case of spousal abuse where the defence offered as evidence the prenup contract the husband had asked his wife to sign. (She didn't.) Among other things, he required her to sleep without panties and be available for sex at all times. She could earn points for good behavior (imagine what good behavior entailed!) and redeem them with the right to refuse his sexual advances. So she had to put out a lot so that she could occasionally tell him, "No."

Always amazed me that she saw that prenup and still agreed to marry the guy.

carrie_lofty said...

I dislike the sort of perpetual childhood state that advertisers have equated with femininity, perhaps since "Sex and the City." Self-indulgence is great, but a balance between down time and responsibility is essential. These ads you describe just smack of the worst sort of anti-feminist tripe, giving younger women a false impression of the scarifices that are inherent in raising a family, for example.

God, that sounded old. Screw it.

(But I agree with you entirely, no matter how crotchety that makes me.)

Darla said...

Argh. I'm obviously not missing a thing by not watching TV. Could those women be any skinnier? And I absolutely loathe the notion that to be feminine means to indulge yourself as a sex object.

Nice rant. I agree.

Steven Novak said...

What sends an even MORE wrong message is tht people should take seriously anything they see on television. ;)


Maja said...

There is so much of that sort of thing in all the types of media we're exposed to: tv, movies, magazines, advertisements, shops and the internet. Everyone is probably better off without tv.

Chunks said...

Over in the UK they say Pan-ten. Here in Canada we call it Pan-teen. Weird.

Oh and that ad is pretty damn retarded. I try to support companies that treat women (and their images) with respect. Buy Dove products ladies, it's what all the real women are using. You know the real women, right? The ones with zits, back fat and cellulite. Yep. Us.