Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This bothers me even more...

Ok, so obviously I'm a bit sensitive to advertising where they actually send damaging messages to women rather than sell us a product. Exhibit two for your perusal: Weight Watchers. It's everyone in this woman's life who are commenting on her amazing weight loss; her Husband, her friends, her family, her doctor...and her beautician. The beautician says, whilst waxing the legs of another client, "Our appointments take half the time now." with a big grin on her face. HOW RUDE!! See for yourself (click the "click here" button). Now apart from that, it's not so bad of an advert, but what a nasty thing to say - "Now that she ain't so fat anymore, I'm not wasting tons of wax on her cheesy thighs, heeheee!"

Some feminist websites have commented on the husband being bad because "He's got back the woman he married." because whether she's fat or thin, she's always been the woman he married, but I understand that her own personal sense of pride and self-esteem have probably returned and she's probably not such a depressed mope about her weight. You know what he's saying is "Now that she's thin again, I get to see her naked once in while and we're having sex at least twice a week! WeyHey!"

And don't you love how the mother almost tried to take credit for her daughter's hard work, and then offers up a slight insult at the end; "Big time". Ugh!

I also find it annoying that we never see the woman who everyone's talking about. She's a phantom. Sorry, but before and after shots always work best for me - show me it works, don't just tell me about it.

Ok, now the more I look at it, I just hate this ad too.

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Blazngfyre said...

That's just downright repulsive.

I saw an ad the other night that had me in flames and for the life of me, I can't remember the stupid advert!

I am so losing it.