Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So here we are...

It's an all new year and it's shiny and great and fab. It should be fab. Any minute now. I was promised a fab new year, honest it's all supposed to be like a clean slate, all those niggly, chalky troubles should've been clapped away in the breeze by the naughty kid who got eraser duty and decided to stamp "shit" on the school wall instead. But I'm still waiting...

Our New Year was somewhat ruined by a Nor'Easter that forced all festivities to be cancelled. My father-in-law suffered a rather spectacular nervous breakdown that's had everyone shocked, concerned and telling bad jokes. It consumes a lot of energy. I'm not going to get into it.

Oh, and I turned 35. That's about all I have to say about that. I did get a bottle of Coco Chanel bath gel, and Pink's I'm Not Dead CD which I look forward to. And it's nice to know, I'm Not Dead either. I had bought a bottle of champagne to pop at the bells, but I fell asleep and it's still in the fridge.

The diet starts again in full swing, minus the chocolate clearing out we finished today. Exercise will be back on course after a two month half-assed effort and I'm determined to lose the last 30lbs. I mean that in the sense that I'll never have back again. I'm having to reassess my targets because I did one of those BMI/bodyfat analysis things and found out my muscle weight is currently at 130lbs, which had been my weight target target, so now I'm going to have to re-adjust it to about 145-155lbs to accommodate the muscle I want to gain and still maintain a healthy body fat. I'm also beginning training for a 10K. I figure I can shift the weight in six months if I behave myself. I know the exercise part will be easy, but the diet part has me wrinkling my nose and planning "I hate salad" sit-ins.

So, who wants to know the truth about how much weight/inches I've lost so far? Anyone? I hate to be boring about fitness crap - it's one thing with other fitness nerds but I can usually see the eyes glazing over on normal folks, and who wants a glazed eye blog? Not me.

But I am proud that if anyone says to me "Drop and give me twenty!" I can. Can you? Not that I expect anyone to spot check my push-ups ability but I often wish I could bump into Mrs. Coburn, my old gym teacher, and show her. She'd appreciate it. If she's still alive. Ah she's the sort who would be running marathons well into her 80's, Bless her.

I miss my Dad. I want Cherry Garcia. I still need to buy protein shake powder. Chicken breast, chicken breast, chicken breast. Down with bread, down with sugar. I still want to see Casino Royale. I am almost debt free and it feels wonderful, but now comes the squirreling away and saving plans that bring a new hatred for the taxman. I still love my breasts, still hate my ass. I'm away now to watch a Kung Fu movie; Zatoichi, should be raw. It's the Takeshi Kitano one.

Happy New Year to you all.


NWJR said...

I finally saw "Casino Royale", and I take back everything bad I said about the new Bond in the movie's pre-release state.

Best. Bond. Movie. Ever.


Chunks said...

As someone who is also newly committing to becoming a "better me", I cannot stop eating the chocolate. So I compromised today and had a salad but ate the chocolate too. And I'm going to hit the treadmill. It's all about trying to be better.

I could probably do about five but definitely not twenty. It hasn't snowed here in weeks so I'm getting flabby.

Happy belated Birthday! 35 is great! 38 is great! I say any day on this side of the dirt is good!

Maja said...

Happy New Year Darling! You sound like you're so fit. Well done :)

Gerbera Daisy said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, and Happpy New You!

I would love to hear your stats.

I, too, have 20+ pounds of (post-)baby fat to lose and find reading your fitness blogging encouraging.

keep up the great work!

Robin F said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Wow we are almost exactly the same age, I turn 35 in a week or so. The weather was just terrible for New Year's we didn't leave the house. Just shut in with jetlag and very little food.

You do sound very fit now, I am afraid I stick to yoga and pilates, and figure walking up and down the hills of Edinburgh against the wind half the time is enough aerobic exercise for me. Plus I do all the heavy lifting up 2 flights of stairs.

Manblogger641 said...

Happy New Year Lyvvie,

I hope you make all the goals you set for yourself!!! Way to go on the weight you have dropped thus far. You are an insperation to us all. Have a great week.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Focus on exercise and let the diet go where it wants.

In the end, it's far easier to exercise than to diet.

That's the best advice I could give someone trying to lose weight.

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

Why drop only 20? Go for more... that will shock anyone... hehehe

Happy New Year!

Lyvvie said...

Wow! Look at all the fitness minded people! Hooray!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and New Years' wishes too. Is that apostrophe right? It looks wrong...I'm unsure.

Anyways, I'll be behaving and not being such a 12 year old so far a sugar goes. I am to sugar what LBB is to fast food.

BTW, Zatoichi; awesome! Bloody, way way spurty bloody, but really good.

I'll put up my new workout routine soon. Anyone care to follow along? Make a fitness group? Anyone else got thirty pounds to lose by August?

Anonymous said...

I would *love* to lose 30 lbs by August, and yes, would join an online fitness group if you started one. I need someone to keep me in check! (I keep teasing my husband that he married a fat chick, but---alas---I was not fat when he married me.)