Friday, January 12, 2007

Right, for the dozenth time today, NO I have not had a perm. It's raining. My hair goes extra curly when it rains. It's natural. Leave me alone about it ok, I just got rained on a little bit and was turned into a poodle. Leave me alone or I'll bite you.

Now, tell me, is it wrong that I readjust and plump up my breasts for when the local lipstick lesbian comes around? Is it wrong that her opinion of my perkiness matters more than my husband's? I mean a woman who appreciates women in such completeness would have a higher opinion of a woman's form right? Or am I just being weird?

I'm liking Celebrity Big Brother, but not loving it. They had a much more riotous gang last year. Jermaine Jackson has turned out to be really smart, mild mannered, sweetie. Although he does toss out a lot of "California self-help speak" like he listens to every Dr. Somebody's radio show. It's this kind of "I'm so smart and deep that I can see into your soul, my brother." kind of crap which I find cuts with a friendly edge of condescension I can't tolerate. Then they get in a hurt-huff when you tell them to fuck off. Sit and spin you puffed up pseudo-shrinks, sit and spin.

I'm so lucky there's no Dairy Queen here because I'd totally murder a Peanut Buster Parfait. I like mine with chocolate ice cream and extra fudge. Actually, who needs ice cream.


chryscat said...

You breast-plumpin' woman, you. Is it wrong? No. I don't think so.
It's nice when one's attributes are appreciated. Either which way. hehehe

And in Oklahoma? There's a freakin' Dairy Queen on every corner. That and Sonic.

Tell me more about this local lipstick lesbian...lmao.

Lyvvie said...

She has a "Sugar Mama" and are building a love nest in Spain. I babysit their son, who's in school with Sassy. They are very fun until they have a lover's tiff, then it's wise to drink up and run, "She keeps telling me I'm getting fat, do you think I'm getting fat?" and four eyes are upon me, the son is nothing more than a cloud of dust as he bolts off to play, the dogs whimper in their basket. You get the idea I'm sure.

Steven Novak said...

I am a firm believer that it's never wrong to readjust and plump up your breasts. ;)


Brooklyn Frank said...

my hair does the same thing. the chicks dig it, tho

SafeTinspector said...

I'm a dirty man. For a moment I thought you wrote "NO I have not had a sperm."

Lyvvie said...

At least your perversions are accurate Mr. SafT ;)