Thursday, January 18, 2007

Makes me laugh and cry in fear...

Back in December I toyed with the idea of posting this story but decided against it, but now I wish I had because it's update is fabulous. Back in December a gang of youths went into the Burger King on Princes Street Edinburgh and went primal and trashed the place, while full of customers with the staff cowering behind the counters. They didn't hurt anyone, just thought it would be fun to be monkeys for a while. One of the kids taped the debacle and used commentary, describing himself and his pals and what they were doing, their favourite football club etc. They managed to run away before the police got there. But have no fear, they were caught, after an Evening News reader found the video posted on You Tube of the whole rampage(Under the heading "MA M8 GOT LIFTED AND SMASHED AN A WALKED IN AT THE END F****G SH*TE LOL." but it's gone now, shame) and called it in to the police. An arrest was easy to make since the kid doing the videoing used his real name.

The Register did a follow up on this yesterday

Here's the Scotsman Newspaper article complete with comments that are great. (Just in case you are wondering, a "Ned" is Edinburgh-speak for "non-educated delinquent". They are also known as Chavs.

Anyway, haha. Twerps. Serves them right. But I'm worried that one day my daughter may bring one home to meet us. I'll be playing the devil/angel game in my head over do I chase this fuckwit out of my house with a red hot spatula, or do I play along in the hopes that my apparent acceptance will sour her rebellion? ARGHHH!

And just so you know while posting this I've had three kids running wild up and down the stairs, around my house shouting "Smelly Pooh! Smelly pooh!" and giving me a thumper of a headache before 8:30, so what's the accepted time of day to start drinking?


tornwordo said...

That is hysterical. Worthy of a Darwin award nomination.

Lyvvie said...

I was gonna say that, but then it's almost like wishing them dead. I have hopes this'll teach them whippersnappers a darn tootin' good lesson. Or at least being "Big Tam's" wee bitch for a few months will sort them out. Either way.

Maja said...

haha, kids are stupid. It's quite satisfying how stupid they can be, too.