Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's been a great back to routine kind of week. The house is quieter, the house is cleaner, the house is mine again.

I had a super weird dream last night that an internet freind of mine, who I'll not name at this point, had their hair done recently and I was meeting her for the first time and when I got into the car with her, as she was driving, she had the most hideous hair I'd ever seen. It was permed at the crown, and badly because it was frizzy and broken like the chemicals had just burned the hair and it was breaking at about an inch long in some areas, with tight frizzy curls around the stumpy bits. Not only was the top of her head permed, but it was bleached white blond. The rest of her hair was greased down straight with product and had that burned hair smell of straightener abuse, and was an orangey-auburn down to her shoulders. The top two inches of straight roots were also bleached white so she had a line of colour around her head where the auburn met the blond. She kept looking at me accusingly and asking "Are you looking at my hair?" "No, uhm no just looking out the windows." But I got the feeling she was going to scalp me in my sleep. It was seriously weird and awkward.

I've written before about how my get fit kick was started because I'd turned 34 and became scared that I was on the path to diabetes because my Dad was disgnosed diabetic at 34. So a year later, 40lbs lighter and going from a sedentary to very active lifestyle you'd think I'd be past the diabetes worry. Well you'd be wrong.

I was in the gym yesterday talking to friend who has a similar family history to mine. She's lost over 80lbs in a year with Weight Watchers, and like me she was worried she'd get diabetes. She said she'd become worried recently when she got a yeast infection. She'd not had one for years but all of a sudden, there she was. she obsessed about the fact that recurring yeast infections are an early sign of diabetes. I sat there and nodded and listened, but the whole time my heart rate was skyrocketing. See, I've had a recurring yeast problem since October. I just put it down to lowered immune system, too much gym work, exhaustion and too many sweets and bread in my diet. Just the day before, I'd gotten a new prescription from the Dr. for canestan that I was planning to collect after the gym.

When I got the prescription I asked for another appt. with the Dr. to discuss this worry. I got a meeting with her for 5:30 last night, she suggested a fasting blood sugar count which I was able to do first thing this morning. Annoyed about having been stuck three times before a vein would cooperate and give up three vials of blood. I already have a huge bruise on the back of my left hand - yes the best place to get blood out of me is my hand. I have rolling veins that tend to collapse. Funny enough, when I doanted blood a couple months ago, they had no trouble at all getting my arm to work for them. I filled the bag in seven minutes. Yes I get competitive about everything - even how fast I can fill a pint bag with my blood. I should have the results next week. they even threw in a cholestrol count for me, now ain't that sweet?

I've been to the gym this morning, had breakfast with my pal where we shared equally horrible stories of disastrous New Year's - hers was bad because she got back from cancelled fireworks in Edinburgh to find her babysitters were totally drunk and her four boys were still up and running around at 1am. She didn't have her keys and her second eldest refused to let her in because he knew he'd be sent to bed once his parents got in the house, so he ignored their banging on the back patio door even though he was sitting right there and they could see him.

I've spent my afternoon looking online at shoes. I don't want to buy shoes, but for some reason I'm looking at them. I really want chocolate. Chocolate cake. Thick fudgey cake with rich chocolatey frosting that's all gooey and shiny and smooth. A whole cake and who cares about a fork just gimme.

I'm such a sugar addict.


Steven Novak said...

"I don't want to buy shoes, but for some reason I'm looking at them."

The fact that I ahve a penis makes this a problem I neevr have. :)


Maja said...

I hope you don't have diabetes, Lyvvie. What a nightmare story about the babysitters, I would go through the roof!

Lyvvie said...

Even worse as the babysitters were her Mom and Stepdad. Bad Granny!!

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

What happened to the eldest child? Grounded for life? Or no allowance till death? Hehehe

Lyvvie said...

She's currently living on probation and having to see the parole officer daily for meals, encouragement and a pat down for contraband before going to school everyday. Yesterday I had to confiscate a whole stacks of pokemon cards she'd planned on sneaking into school grounds. She's wily this one, WILY I say.