Friday, January 05, 2007

Big Bag O'Books

Oh yes, I got me a big bag o'books! I 'll tell you all about it. I went into work last night, and as you may know I work the night shift in our local grocery store stocking shelves for fun, peace away from the kids and shoe money. My manager said I should use the rolling table she left on the other side of the shop, so I went to get it. When I found it, it had a full box of romance novels on the bottom of it. About 60 books. I went back and asked her what I should do with them. "Oh, they're removed from stock, we've torn off the back covers so you can just bag them and chuck them in the bin."

Well my shock and horror at throwing away any book was huge. "Can I have them?" I asked and she had a look of, we're not really supposed to let you have them, but she said ok and that all I had to do was pit some money in the store charity box. I got them for two pounds - don't judge me for the cheap donation. I wonder what the authors would think if they knew grocery stores just tore off the back covers and threw the books in the bin? Seems so mean, they put in all that effort for the story to end up in a dumpster.

So now I have a huge bag of books. Now I admit that some of them are repeats, and some are not my kind of thing, like "A Daddy for Christmas" , not my thing, but it's probably someone else's thing. I'm going to pick through my favourites and donate the rest to either the local hospital, or nursing home. The image of a bunch of grannies reading through a bag of Mills and Boons makes me giggle.

I also bought a hugs bouquet of posh flowers on sale for three pounds and will give them to my MIL to help her feel better. I'm sure it won't be appreciated, but it's the thought that counts or so I'm told. I may treat myself to flowers one day...

Working tonight, will be tired cookie tomorrow. Shorty must stop climbing into bed with me and cuddling me to death every morning at half six. I just can't manage.


Chunks said...

I often forget that you are from 'across the pond' until you use terms like 'chuck them in the bin' or 'pounds' or 'half six'. The internet always makes you feel like you are just around the corner!

Maja said...

Bargain! Cuddling to death sounds nice :)

Scott Hughes said...

I think when the store tears off the back covers, the publisher and writer doesn't get paid for the book. I'm not sure, though.

Anyway, good find! I like to get books like that. Just the other day my sister had some books from her school that were going to get thrown away. I haven't looked through them yet, but I told her to save them for me.

Scott Hughes
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