Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I'm really cranky and tired. Whole family kept me up last night. Two sick kids and a sick husband - and the new mattress I was so happy about - fucking squeaks at the slightest movement and makes too much noise. But how is one supposed to know this, eh? You can't return it once the polythene is off it but who's going to sleep on the matress for two weeks with polythene rustling all the time - just cannot win! So I'm home again with another sick kid - who happened to barf fruit juice all over my favourite chair while I was making my own breakfast. She seems better for the empty belly but I'll see if I can get something in her and then let her down for a nap soon. I would have a nap too but I really just want to play games on the DS - such a dork.

I have all of these books I want to read but I'm just not interested right now. I can't keep my attention span long enough to get into one of them - still haven't finished the tractor on the sidebar.

Worst of all, I'm stuck having to babysit a tamagotchi all day. Like the real child who's sick isn't bad enough I have to clean a fake pet's poop every ten minutes.

Tamagotchis and Tellytubbies. And once upon a time, I was kind of cool. My biggest excitement today is the fact my house smells nice because I bought a new fabric softener and put some towels on the radiators to dry. *sigh*

Ok, but this has made me laugh

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Steven Novak said...

You were never cool...don't lie. ;)