Sunday, December 10, 2006


I remember the television we (actually it was my Grandmother's, she lived in the apartment upstairs.) had when I was a kid. It was a piece of furniture all its own. It was covered in wood, about 28 inches and we could display family photos and dried flower arrangements on top of it. It was a centerpiece. It was a focal point. It had to be polished with pledge and kept out of the sun so the wood wouldn't fade. It was beautiful. It was from the 60's, lasted her until she passed away in the 80's, then my brother used it until he moved away in the 90's and I used it for a bit after that.

That TV was use for the better part of twenty years before it was so completely replaced by new technology that it was left ignored. In fact in its end it became the TV stand for it's trendy replacement - talk about insult.

It's funny how fashion has changed over the years. First the TV was in a decorative wooden box surround, and then it was supposed to sit on top of a wooden display stand. Then Anne Maurice comes along and says we shouldn't ever use the TV as a focal point so we have to close it away inside a wooden box, but now we don't have to have a wooden box at all. TV is now wall art. Flat panel TVs and pull down projection screen are the new way to go. We use the flat screens like hung (hanged?) artwork. Again, a focal point.

I kind of miss the old 60's styled big tube, woodbox surround TV where you could put family photos and floral arrangements on it. Actually, I like some of the spaceage looking TVs from the 50's with their white and red or whatever colour cases. Those wee ones that dangled on a chain in the 70's. In the 40's they came in a suitcase; early portables.

Modern TVs just aren't fun anymore.


NWJR said...

My grandmother had one of those big console TVs. And hers was COLOR! We suffered with black-and-white for the longest time. Try watching "The Wizard of Oz" in black-and-white, and you'll understand what a painful childhood I had.

Lyvvie said...

My Nanny's was colour too. They had colour in the 60's you know. Or she may have paid to have it upgraded to colour at some point. I'll just say it took two grown men to carry the damned thing it was so big. About three feet high, and almost two feet deep. It was great. I've tried to find some images of them, but not many around.

Lyvvie said...

Actually, now I get tons when searching for "console TV" go figure. You frikken Claven *wink*