Thursday, December 21, 2006

The noise in my head...

Random things going around my brain these days:

1) After reading about poor Chrystal's house burning down, I'm completely paranoid about it happeneing to me and I've planned as many escape routes, scenarios and eventualities as possible so I'll be sharp if it does happen. I wish I had one of those emergency ladders for the kids' room. Are the fire extinguishers still within sell-by date? Would I now how to use it in an emergency? Do the kids know what to do if there's a fire? Do I have the insurance information committed to memory? Have I tested the fire alarms recently? Let me tell you, I'm nervous about even burning toast right now.

2) Sassy-face won't keep her toothbrush in the cup with the rest of the family's toothbrushes and it bugs me. What is she trying to say? Does she not feel like she belongs to even have her toothbrush with ours? Is she already trying to strike out on her own and this is her first showing of independence? Is she a germ freak? I just don't get WHY!

3) Seriously the fear that I'm wetting the bed and everything up to that point has been a dream is driving me bat-shit-crazy.

4) Have I forgotten anyone? Have I found all the presents I've been squirreling away? Did I buy enough sweets for the stockings? Do I really want them to have sweets in the morning? What if I didn't buy enough to put in the stockings and they flop over - that would be awful. But I could at least, for this year, blame Santa, the cheap bastard.

5) I'm losing weight and yet can't manage more than two days at the gym because I keep getting sick. why is that? I shouldn't complain but what if it's something bad?

6) Should I be concerned for the fact my youngest is currently sitting on the sofa eating half a cucumber for her breakfast? I mean she asked for it, and it's healthy, but am I being lazy? Who cares, it's roughage and she's happy.

7) Why can't Quaker Oats make the same flavors of instant oatmeal here as the do in the States? I want some raisin and cinnamon and apple cinnamon - aw hell just anything with cinnamon would do! I have my own cinnamon but it never tastes the same. Is it past date?? I want a Cinnabon!! Bastard should export by now FRANCHISE I say!!

8) I'm toying with the idea of doing a before and after photos post on January 23rd which will be one year since I started the diet and exercise that's done so much for me this year. But I feel pressure to shed at least another 10-15lbs before that just...because.

9) Did I clean the toilet yet?

10) For some reason my curls have gone wild and I'm looking like Yahoo Serious these days.

11)My heel pain has returned and I'm worried I'll not be able to run for much longer. I was hoping to get trained up for a 10k by spring, but it's not looking very likely, unless I agree to have the steroid injections into my foot, which have no garantee of working but I'm told hurt like awful bad!

12) I want to be good at logic puzzles but can't find any playbooks to practice with. It annoys me!!

13) Is it wrong to make pasta three times a week? I mean the kids eat it, it's easy and doesn't make too much of a mess.

14) I have to go and there's so much more I could add. But I have THINGS TO DO!!! And never enough sleep to do them well. Last night was a taste of insomnia so things aren't looking good.

15) I'm going to be 35 in ten days' time and I just know how this happened? I remember folks telling me 35 wasn't old and I didn't believe them but I don't feel old at all. I still feel like I'm 19.

16) I have wrinkles on my forehead. They started in my chicken pox scars. I wish I'd never picked my chicken pox but you can't tell a three year old anything when they're itchy!! Now look at me!!!

17)I have to GO! Stop talking to me or I'll be late...

18) Ok I'm back. Now, I've found the coffee pot alarm clock for caffeine addicts. It helps if your name is Heathcliff too. They're pretty cool really.

19) Seriously, why can't the house just clean itself? Why does dust have to be everywhere? Why do kids have to crumble bagels onto the carpet? Why does coffee and tea have to spill on my counters? Just stay in the damned cup!! RAISINS - they end up dropped, rolled along the bottom of a shoe and then resemble mouse poops so I keep thinking I have mice but no - it's just raisins. Toothpaste spit on the sink - it's just unnecessary!

20) I bought some of those toaster sandwich bags and they're GREAT! I love them. I just had a cream cheese and pate toastie. I know I'm kind of supposed to put cheddar or something meltable in it but leave me alone - it's my lunch!

21) I found white hairs where I don't think I should have white hairs. Should I dye them to match? Tweeze? Ignore and just get over it? I don't fancy the Brazilian look, or feel.

22) I have a bald spot on one of my eyebrows as if I had it pierced and took it out. I've never pierced there, so I have no idea why there's a baldie bit and I hate having to pencil in the gap.

I'm sure I'll have more before the day is out. Give me some mulling over time.

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