Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Egads and Argggh!

Who has time for blogging when there's Crimbo just around the corner!?!? I've been out and about trying to get he last presents, wrapping them up, getting the food for next two weeks, because honestly who wants to be in a grocery store right now?? Not me. It's vicious and mean and cruel. Bad enough I have to work in the local Tesco and be bullied about by anxious, stressed and disgruntled shoppers. "Where have you moved the shortbread?" "Where are the Christmas cards" (seriously it's getting a bit late for cards don't you think?) and that kind of stuff. I had a grumpy woman complaining to me because we don't have any French mustard - I offered her Dijon mustard and she said "It's not French mustard." oookay then I offered her French's Mustard and she walked away. Some people!

So I've been wrapping gifts and my back is sore from bending over the packages and sitting on the floor; when did sitting on the floor become so uncomfortable? I've also still got this tummy bug lurking about, it acts up when I'm run down and attacks me in inconvenient places, like the mall. Nothing worse than runny poop in public toilets - deeply humiliating. Accompanied by thunderous gas that reverberates off the tiling. I'm rather fed up with all. Worst of all is the anticipation of someone else getting ill too because I hate having to clean up the kids' poop/vomit when everything I smell makes me nauseous. (And no, I'm not pregnant.)

My anxiety is a bit out of control and I'm having to stop, think and then talk myself down from the mountain a few times a day. The annoying problem right now is if I need to have a wee, the second I sit and let it flow I have a gripping thought "What if I'm really sleeping and wetting the bed right now?!" It's driving me crazy because I know I'm awake, but now I'm worried that if I got to bed without a completely empty bladder I may wet the bed; and being a new mattress it would be disastrous! I keep checking my shoes for spiders, checking the fridge door is closed and making sure we have enough tins of food in the cupboards - for some reason I'm in holocaust mode stocking up for a famine and it's all tins.

I've decided to stock up on crossword puzzles for a while too because with school break coming I'll not have much of a shot at the TV and will need something to entertain me. I probably should go and get a stack of books for the fortnight too. I got a normal crossword book, an easy cryptic crossword book - because I've always wanted to be good at these, and then a suduko one. Because let's be honest I'll not have a shot at the DS for ages as it's a "Family Gift" I feel so suckered.

So I'm rambling along, getting things done and trying to keep my chin up, because it looks like I have two when I slump my head forward and it's not pretty. I wonder if my forehead wrinkles should be botoxed, and my cute, chubby cheeks will turn into hound gowls and flop about on my collarbones.

...speaking of which have I taken my meds today...Where's the decaff and a cookie and...Have I cleaned the bathroom yet? Wait I have mail I haven't read yet oh geez there's just so much to do!!!

I hope you lot are having a much better pre holiday scramble than I am - much love!!


Maja said...

Aw I feel for you. There is a long list of things I should have done today but I really couldn't be bothered so made do with cleaning the shower (just before I actually had a shower) and doing two loads of washing and hanging them out, and changing the sheets on lotties bed.

I should have wrapped presents by now, vacuumed, cleaned both toilets, tidied everything up, gone shopping and bought the things on my lists, but I didn't. I read two sweet valley high books and sat on the computer for HOURS.

You know, who is going to notice if you don't get everything done. And if they do notice, what are they going to do? I think you should allocate at least two hours of each day to procrastination. You deserve it! It feels so good to do nothing when you know you should do something.. well it does to me anyway. Have a glass of wine and take some time out.


Steven Novak said...

You offer djon when she wanted Frenchs?

The nerve of you...I mean..seriously...the nerve!!

I would've walked away also. ;)


Doug said...

I buy stuff for the immediate family and I do it all online. That's IT. That's ALL. And I'm effin READY for the holidays. They're not even my damn holidays.

Lyvvie said...

Maya: Thanks sweetie, it's not easy running a home as well you know. But trying to counter one's need for clean and one's need for dead lazy lounging will always end in avoidance behaviors; hence the love of the internet - sweet lovely internet. I love it so, especially since I got to meet you because of it.

Steven - I know! what are some folks like. Snooty mustard snobs - I can't abide a mustard snob!! Now a cookie expert, aficionado, adoring at the altar of cookie type person I can lunch with. Someone who knows that you're supposed to sit those caramel wafer cookies on top of your coffee mug to warm and soften before scoffing it down - that's the friend for me. Are you that friend?

Doug - Stop being such a grump! I get most things online or in sales throughout the year, which is why we find ourselves in an abundance of gifts problem. I don't really buy for my family in the states, it's a shrug-okay kind of thing. I'll get my Brother stuff because...well we do. (I can't wait to hear what he thinks of the Man with the Mustache *winkwink*) (And I don't mean Geezer)I'll spin a dreidel in your honour, how's about that? "I have a little dreidel, I made it out of clay..."

Maja said...

Haha I can see you! You look serious.

Maja said...

The internet has been my friend for the past 3 days...

tornwordo said...

Lol about the wetting the bed phobia.