Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ambrrr Tagged Meme.

Well I think this Meme is very timely because I was going to post about the awful 48 hour stomach bug I've endured, but perhaps a nice meme about 6 weird things about me (Only six??) would be kinder reading. Although, I am much better now, and one good thing about about having a germ induced clear out is, it means I can start a detox program! Always looking at the bright side of everything, me. I've started the 4321 day and night detox. I have no clue if it'll work, but hey, I felt like giving it a try.

The rules

According to the rules…Each player of this game starts with the “6 weird things about you”. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog. I was tagged by Ambrrr.

1.) I have short hair, but I've always wanted long hair, but when I've had long hair I always wore it up in a twist or ponytail because I hate having it blow across my face and stick to my lipgloss, or tickle my face or get stuck down under my coat or shut it in car doors, or pull it when I roll over in my sleep. For all that I'm obviously a short hair kind of person, I still wish I could have long, luxurious, shimmering tresses. I blame fairy tales and L'Oreal commercials. And Cosmopolitan. And Penelope Cruz, the bitch has perfect hair.

2.) I have a strange fear/dread/disgust of broken glass. Or breaking glass. It's more the handling of glass that I could drop and then have it shatter around my feet. I hate broken glass. So much so that I don't use glasses to drink out of, only plastic tumblers. I'm ok with porcelain or crockery, but it's just the annoying way that when glass breaks it splinters into teeny weenie bits that are always looking to lodge themselves into my feet. No matter how well I think I've cleaned it up, I always miss a piece. We don't even have wine glasses, I can't find any nice ones in plastic. We drink wine out of tumblers. When we drink wine, we don't drink wine often. We do have glass shot glasses because the Husband won't drink whiskey out of a plastic cup; it's sacrilege.

3.) Socks are virgins when new, when you first wear them they are created into a right sock or a left sock. From that time on you must look for the sock puck; where the big toe stretches the sock into its rightness or leftness. Wearing a left sock of your right foot can cause blisters due to excess saggy sock fabric wrinkling over the piggie toe. This makes sock matching a real chore when trying to match socks for a family of four.

4.) I pick fights and then get "sad" and accuse the other person of starting it. I do it for attention and out of boredom. I also like to see how fast it takes the other person to get wound up. My Husband has figured this ploy out, but I can still, usually, get a free lunch out of the guilt. I know that if I just asked "Husband, (bat the eyelashes a little) take me out for lunch, please?" he'd say yes, but my way is more fun.

5.) I have a small OCD about flushed toilets. I always forget if I just flushed, and then flush again, then I worry if anything may be left so I have to check. Then I forget if I checked, so I check again, but I give the bowl a good dose of bleach to be sure it's clean. I do often wish public toilets had bleach available so I could be sure of that bowl's hygiene. This only became an issue after I caught my kids playing in the toilet bowl. (Have I mentioned that I used to fill hypodermic needles with toilet water and squirt it at my brother? We weren't allowed water pistols as kids, and since my Dad was diabetic, we had lots of syringes around.)

6.) I asked the Husband to do this one, I thought it only fair to get an
outside opinion on my weirdness. He first said "Weird? You're not so much weird as annoying, but that could be just me. There's that sock thing of course, and being a Laundry Nazi as a whole (I am the master of the laundry, do not even try to fold a thing in my house because you will do it wrong. I've had extensive Gap training, I know what I'm talking about.) I guess the thing that gets me the most is your "Oh look it's that guy from that movie, you know, from California!" and I'm supposed to know."

Yes, I do that. It's a faulty switch in the brain. My brain locks down on the exact information I want to convey, it's bullying really. My recall just goes "Oh you want this person's name? well, you can't have it! Neener neener haha! And you just forget about the movie they were in too!" We were watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High last night and it was just awful, I was trying to name the man Pheobe Cates married, "You know, that guy from A Fish Called Wanda, the funny one!" Thankfully, the Hubs guessed first time.

So there you go. I think I'll have a try at tagging Doug, Beth, Kate Chryscat, NWJR and Maja. all of these folks I'm sure have some delightful weirdness (Doug especially) that will titilate the masses.

***Edit note: Fast Time at Ridgemont High is not an awful movie, it's a great movie, but the forgetting names thing is awful.


NWJR said...

Oh, you know I'll respond...and I'll let you know when I do. But let me solve your sock problem: Simply sew a small bit of thread in a bright colour (such as neon green) in the toe of the LEFT sock. That way, you'll always know which is which, and where the toe part goes.

No need to thank me. That's what I'm here for. :-)

Lyvvie said...

The thought of doing that for about 100 pairs of socks sounds daunting, but I'M SO GOING TO DO IT!!!

Kate R said...

But those things aren't weird. Hmmm.

Doug said...

But all the really GOOD weird things (juicy, that is) would get me in trouble with my wife!

I'll do it, but I'm not going to do the tag thingy. People tend to get miffed. Not that I'm miffed . . . anything to get a new idea for a post.

SafeTinspector said...

Your toilette obsession is familiar to me.
I douse the seat at work with lysol prior to sitting. Even if I know I was the last one to use it.

Lyvvie said...

Kate: they're not? You mean folks want to know things like I have a bottomless bellybutton? I mean we've never found the bottom of it, even two big pregnancies and it never turned inside out all the way. I'm sure I still have sand in there from childhood beach vacations. A microcosm flourishes out of reach of the q-tip in the warm crevice of my abdomen. you know, that kind of stuff?

Doug: I want the juicy stuff! Ahem, WE want the juicy stuff!! You owe it to your public.

SafT: I carry antiseptic wipes *nods knowingly* but I'd prefer the aerosol because I think they'd get better coverage. Women's toilets are manky because of those women who hover over the seat but don't wipe their drips. I curse those women with butt boils.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

#4 makes you one sick lady. And much more interesting.

Steven Novak said...

Fear of broken glass...that's a new one to me.

Oh, and if you find piles of broken glass outside your house tomorrow morning...

It...ummm...wasn't me. ;)