Thursday, November 02, 2006

Too much_____is never enough

Insert the word of your choice. For me it's going to be sleep. I've had two nights of great sleep and I still wake up feeling exhausted and crabby. I'm getting the feeling if left alone to sleep uninterrupted I'd be out for over 12 hours. that is not like me, not at all. I'm a morning person, i usually wake up at the first signs of daylight, which is why i have insomnia over the summer months. Now that it's winter I'm just begging for a hibernation period.

So i had a great sleep last night and even got treated to a nice dream! It was great, one of my favourites: the falling in love dream. boy meets girl and there's sparks and attraction that comes right out from the soul and the polite and friendly flirtations that scream purity of heart. He asks her out and her heart just swells as she blushes and says "Yeah, sure. That'd be great." He's the strong silent type who shows he's nervous despite how much he wants to disguise it. (Actually in my dream he was The Rock which is someone I've never thought about him in that way but, evidently the subconscious has other ideas.) and it was all that sweet and innocent falling love and getting to know each other phase that was great. I love that bit. I'll be floating about on the memory of those emotions for the rest of the day.("I'd like to take you for a steak dinner on Friday if you're free." he asked me. I thought, wow. Steak. But the company will be better. I said yes. I was, at the time, climbing over a wall with Rosie O'donnell (that'll be LBB's fault) because a van was blocking the only exit to the road, and we were sitting on the top of the wall when he just showed up and asked me all sweet and shy but with firm voice bravado. It was nice.)

I've overdone the weights this week and I'm really sore. I've not been able to jog because my pecs ache when my breasts bounce. Don't laugh at me - it's not very funny. It's all owie and sore. I'm just having an hour of cardio today and no weights. I'll use the other hour to rough up some more of Garfalo. I got a page and a half typed last night on the laptop, but have handwritten many more, almost the first chapter. so far so good. I don't hate any of my characters yet and none of them are rebelling against my plotlines.

Husband managed to fix the PC in less than a minute last night. He pulled out a faulty memory stick and bing, click, whirr it was working again. i knew that would happen. The PC, all of them since the beginning of time, break when I get near them. I have a very scatty aura that send machines haywire. Ask my Husband, he'll tell you. I'm a technology jinx. No really. lets see if I can list the things that've broken in the past 11 years. We've had three televisions, eight computer upgrades at least, three washing machines, four coffee makers, four alarm clocks, three hair dryers, three microwaves, three vacuums, three toasters, two hair straighteners....I could go on but I think you get the idea. It's not like I'm a klutz who drops these things or abuses them in any way, they just don't like me. What tends to happen is I try and use them and they won't work no matter what I do. I leave it for a couple hours, break the bad news to Husband who simply turns the thing on and it works again. This causes me extreme frustration. It's a mean trick of my life. I have a strict no touching rule when i go to other people's homes because I don't want to break their stuff too.

So, cardio only today, writing in the notebook, some typing later on, dinner ready before four and them I'm out to work tonight. busy busy!!


NWJR said...

That's hilarious. All of it. I needed a good laugh!

Chill Daddy said...

I agree. I can especially relate to the part about hating rebellious characters. You know you don't go to jail for killing them - you could remind them of that.

Scotland question: If I go fishing right off the seashore, what am I likely to catch?

Chill Daddy said...

Forgot something. As of last time I checked your Nano profile, you had lots written, but no exerpt. Don't deprive mankind like that.

Lyvvie said...

Ah, well that's down to the fact that it's typed on the laptop. and i've not fussed about with transfgering the file over to my PC yet. All so tedious, I mean i have a wireless mouse, why can't I just highlight and control-C on the laptop and than control-V on the PC??? Would make life so much easier if things would work like that.

Lyvvie said...

RE: fishing, uhm, I have no clue. I live on the Forth, so probably a jellyfish. Or worse.
But here's an article that may help.