Monday, November 20, 2006

Stuff and Bitching

We said goodbye to Mom at the airport this morning. the girls were crying. It was sad. We've had a wonderful visit, one of the best yet. Shortie is over delighted with her new pretty dresses Gramma brought her, and Sassy just loved having her Gramma here for tons of cuddles and a new ear to tell her stories to.

It's always weird to back to the house after she's left, and I walk about trying to find proof that she was really here at all - I need mementos, leftovers, forgotten things to covet for a bit while I get over my own "My Mommy's gone." sadness. I have found her bra, and a pair of socks. Not quite the mementos I was looking for but it's proof that she was here. So are the five packs of Marlboros she left. I'll have to find friends who smoke to palm them off to; for my own good.

I've lost my wedding ring. I'm crushed about it. I've not been wearing it much because it's too big now and falls off my finger, so I think it may have fallen out of my pocket at some point two weeks ago. I'll have to call the insurance company and go through the process of sorting it out. I'm sad though, I just want my ring back.

We're sitting around the house waiting for the UPS man to arrive with the Mac. It should be here today, or tomorrow, but the tracking service says today. It's on the truck. So long as they don't close the bridge due to gales or anything (I have an image of a merry parade of men and women named Gale/Gail/Gayle etc blocking traffic, playing music and dancing like Gay Pride, but Gail Pride instead.) Husband is bored and twitchy, he's trying to find ways to occupy his time but I keep catching him peering out the window looking for the first sign of the brown van coming down our street.

I have read Jennifer Crusie's Welcome to Temptation. It's a slow starter, but follows my cardinal rule of no cheap sex before page 100, she gets it in on page 110. The story starts out slow, and I found the introduction of so many characters a bit confusing and I got them all mixed up. Things like, why was the hot, handsome but smug news anchor doing shagging the old woman from the car crash?? But it was a different woman, not the old woman at all. I just couldn't keep them all straight, and even thought about writing out a character key to keep me right, but that would be too much effort, and not really my job. I put the book down a few times in the first 100 pages because my bad-book warning bells kept going off when Hero and Heroine kept saying over and over again, in thought italics, how much they didn't like, trust or want to be with that man/that woman. It felt like I was being reminded that they hated and distrusted each other at least every five pages.

It seems everyone has a bad side in this book, except the Hero, Phin. He's set up as over perfection, a well experienced sex god and patiently helpful Mayor of the small town of Temptation and good Dad, Good Son. Sophie, his Heroine, is bland. I just didn't like her at all. she fussed and worried and moaned the whole time. She's sneaky, sly and quite cowardly. The only time she showed some chutzpah was in the sack - Crusie can write excellent sex. Sophie was more interesting as a con artist, than a terrified good citizen/good girl.

The story is ok, there's a murder, that was a bit too easy to figure out and the visual descriptions were good. Lots of small town gossip that I can relate to, but the story still felt rough. It needed to lose a few characters, gain a bit more plot and add a lot more flirtation, because Phin was great at it. Dialogue was great, and I laughed out loud a couple times ("Come on Virginia, even Jello wiggles when you eat it." shocking and wonderful) I loved that they said "Fuck" instead of soppy love making talk - it was gritty, naughty, raw and sexy.

Despite what may sound like a depressing review of this book, I have to admit I liked it. I really did. It's flaws are forgiven for the dialogue and quotable gems. I thought it was funny how the story magically started to get easy and flow after the first sex scene, the writing was tense before that release. It was funny and entertaining and did it's job at keeping me from chewing my nails and overeating. I did find myself wanting to hurry up and finish chores/tasks/shopping so I could get back to my book. Since about halfway through, I've had this song stuck in my head. If they ever make a movie from this, they must use this song-it just fits. (I'm all Buffy nostalgic now...)

I'll read a few more Crusie books to get a full flavour of her style, just started Fast Women which has gotten off to a great start, save for the similar problem of so many characters thrown at me too soon. I may preempt my frustrations by getting a character key - there's far too many sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws already.


Chunks said...

I'm reading a book by Carolyn Haines right now called Penumbra. My Bad Book Bells are dinging too. I think the first sex scene was on page 14 or something. Not good, not good at all. I'm sticking it out though because it's too late now, I'm curious of it.

Glad to see you had a nice visit with your mom! The best ones are the ones you feel a little sad about when they are over.

Doug said...

I liked Fast Women better than Temptation, FWIW. In general, Crusie likes to have lots and lots of characters. Eventually, you WILL get tired of all the so-ugly-they're-cute dogs. Why, why must she do that in every stinking book?

Donna said...

I'm still reading your blog..have been since early this am...But..What happened to "Swifty". Mom visits again in 06, but no mention of "Swifty!" Gads...this is better than a soap!