Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I'm never satisfied.

I've got my new sneakers, if you remember, they look like this And I love them, they are great. I'm a wonderful bouncy jogger now just springing down the road.

Except now I see what my Mom wears for sneakers, and I'm jealous. My sneakers look lame and tacky compared to hers. Hers cost more than twice what mine did. She's trotting (as much as woman can trot with a newly replaced hip) about in these. And now I want some. They are dead ugly, I know they're very fashionable among the geriatrics of Florida but come on - they're like space shoes! How fun will it be to bounce-jog down the road? I bet Spielberg is wishing he'd used them in Back to the Future II.

I'll get them next year. Then, let people laugh, I'll be having fun. In my space-agey, geriatric-chic sneaks.


Chick said...

I like your pink girlie ones better : )

Lyvvie said...

To be honest, I got them in the sherbet orange. I thought the orange would be best to encourage energy in the gym. Pink makes me think of sweets; big wonderful marshmallows and cotton candy.

Damn this sweet tooth, I wish the dentist could pull it!!

Neel said...

Hi Lyvvie, its been a long time. Like the shoes, but you're in Scotland now, you have to call them "trainers."

Maja said...

Dude yours are WAY BETTER.