Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm a Junkie too...

Sometimes it's good not to be in America, where all the temptation is just so close. There's enough here for me to contend with and do daily battles against Id and sweet tooth, but to know that this exists out there somewhere is killing me right now. I'm twitching with need, aching with desire and drooling in anticipation.

You know, thinking about it, if they can sell eight caramel apples, as gourmet as a caramel apple can be, for $70 then perhaps I've found my UK niche market. Just have to try and not eat the profits.


Chunks said...

Williams-Sonoma for the caramel apples, or so I've read. This sort of thing is to blame for the obesity in America. Thank God I'm Canadian, it probably wouldn't affect me! LOL!

chryscat said...

Well then. *ahem*
I believe there's one of these at Crossroads Mall off of I-35.
It'll be okay, woman. Really.