Thursday, November 23, 2006

Enduring non sequitur

I was looking about in my site meter and I've noticed I get a few regular visitors that I just don't know who they are. There's someone from Edinburgh University who always visits via Beth's blog, which would be neat to know who they/you are as you're/they're nearby and I've never met someone from blogland. I get someone from Europe based Sun peeking in occasionally and someone from California Sun peeking in, and neither of them are my husband. So you sun folks - what are interested in (And I know kind of what the Italian guy is looking for because he's peeked in Flickr a few times)? Then there's Innocent, who doesn't bother to update his own blog but spares a few minutes to read in on me - you're very sweet. Now update your blog and stop making love to your blackberry.

I was trawling about some of everyone's sidebar links and I was reading Rosina Lippi's page where she's posted up a wee meme that I'm going to steal because it's short and sweet.

1. Three songs you can — and do — listen to again and again.

Last Goodbye Jeff Buckley

Dream a Little Dream - Mama Cass

This is the life - Weird Al Yankovic

2. Three movies you can — and do — watch over and over.

The Princess Bride

Defending Your Life

Pride and Prejudice (The BBC series)

3. Three dishes you would choose for your last meal.

Mashed potato with tons of butter and chunky beef gravy.

Pizzaria Uno's Spinoccoli pizza pie.

Cherry cheesecake.

4. Three most relaxing vacation spots you've ever visited.

Geneva Switzerland

Any beach, anywhere so long as it's warm.

Canoeing up the Nemasket river to swim (illegally) in Lake Assawompset (it's a resivoir)

5. Three books that you consider great reads.

Pride and Prejudice. (Watch Beth gag and sputter in disappointment)

To Kill a Mockingbird.

Any Calvin and Hobbes collection. Actually, add any Bloom County collections in there too. I love that penguin.

6. Three shows that you consider the best on television, past and present.

Gilligan's Island, was my childhood favourite.

Any episode of Columbo. (I like to shout "He did it he did it Columbo!!" because we always see the murder first. Is there any other show where you know who-done-it before the hero?)


Hope you enjoyed. Now - I have just spent an obscene amount of money on exercise underwear. Yes, why they charge a fortune for these things I'll never know - probably because there's someone like me suckered into paying it. But with the breasts getting into such nice shape, I don't want to risk sagging. I splashed out on a couple of Enell bras They are designed for larger sizes that do bouncy workouts. They're also designed for those who've had implants, but I at least qualify in the first part. I'm quite happy that even though I've gone from a 38FF to a 34E I've not got any sagging or skin puckering. As you can see from the link, this is a bulletproof bra, and I'll tell you now: Nothing bounces in it. It's very, VERY comfortable, I love it. Worth every penny. I also bought new underpants that won't creep up my asscheeks in it's aspirations to become a thong, or creep down my ass trying to escape. Sloggi are the best - the most comfortable, the longest lasting (I have some that are 7 years old and still awesome) and they stay put. Well worth the dosh. I'll not say how much I spent in case the Husband looks and has a coronary. But it was worth it. So worth it.

Last night I was having sucky dreams about sucky people and I'm in a sucky mood because of it. don't you wish there were people from your past you could just erase from memory, but the subconcious likes to kick you the gut with a dream of upset and humiliation. I hate that, so much. Dream bastard - you know who you are - Get out of my head you spunkmonkey!

So did you all have a nice Thanksgiving? I didn't partake, and went to work last night. Made chicken pasta for easy meal, and am now swilling back a big pot of decaff coffee. I'll switch the real stuff at around 3pm before I go off for the late shift again tonight.

Nanowrimo has been a bust this year. Between dead computers, Mom's visit and the new job it just wasn't going to happen. I couldn't cram another 30k words in the last few days if I tried. I shall be better prepares next year. OR I may have my own private nanowrimo in March or something.

not sure how to wrap up this, so I'll just stop.


chryscat said...

Princess Bride? *sigh*
Is there a better movie? Because I don't flippin' think so. God, that's good stuff.
As for undies...I may check out those ones you bought. Look nice. I'm partial to cacique.
Do you know monetary differential?

Lyvvie said...

Not off the top of my head, but I did try and see if I could get them cheaper on, but no luck. I think they were $13 each. But honestly, they last for ages so it's worth the investment. Plus they're advertised as being VPL free.

I've only gone for he shorts style because of the gym, the style I own currently are the thai ones, and they're just as great.

Doug said...


Gotta love it.

Robin F said...


I am the mysterious U of E reader. I have to say I have the bad habit of generally being a lurker, but as I am an American living in Edinburgh, I have overcome my shyness, and am posting. I have lived here for 5 years, my husband also an American teaches at U of E and I work there part time. The rest of the time chasing after my son who was born here, but is unfortunately not allowed to be a citizen. I do love it here I have to say, but it is funny the things you miss. I miss really good Bagels for example and Mexican food that I don't have to cook myself.

Do you belong to the Edinburgh library system? Because they have tons of Jenny Cruisie books, I know I have seen recently Charlie All Night and Strange Bedpersons as well as What the Lady Wants. I have very mixed feelings about her books, I generally feel like I should like them more than I do, I don't know why.

Lyvvie said...

Hello Robin! Look at us: Americans making life in Scotland, how neat! Shame your son can't get the dual citizenship. That's a real pain, I keep thinking that at least my kids will be able to visit Cuba.

I'm not in the Edinburgh library system (I think I still owe them a large fine, even though I HAVE returned the books. I was on the bridges and was all ready to atone for my sins when they said the power was out and I couldn't. Honest!!), I'm a Fifer now. My first flat was right down the road of E.U. on Priestfield Road. Then we moved to Morningside - real nice place apart from the Royal Ed folks roaming about. And now in Fife. We go to Edinburgh every weekend though. Sometime, if you wanted, we could meet up for a coffee and let the kids run riot in Waterstones.

On Mexican food, I know what you mean. We went to a Mex restaurant at the west end once called Cactus Jacks, it's gone now, and we had a very thick accented French girl as our waitress. When it came to dessert we chose the Texas Snowball, or deep fried ice cream. She came back a minute later and said "I am vewy sowwy, but we 'ave nosnobow." You have what?? "We 'ave noSNOBOW." it was too funny. Any time now if something is off the menu, or we crave ice cream we pout "Awwww, nosnobow."

Give me an email at lyvvie at gmail dot com if you'd like to meet up. We'll be homesick Americans together. Eating Reese's peanut butter and complaining about no pumpkin flavoured coffee at Starbucks, the bastards.