Tuesday, October 31, 2006


ACK! NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow!!! I'm not ready, I...I'm not sure I'll be able...I just. WAH!!

I mean, I've just started a night job. My mother is coming for two weeks. I could commit to one hour of writing on those days, for those two weeks, couldn't I? I'm not sure what story to write either - is it ok to wing it on a nanowrimo story? I know it doesn't have to be good, coherent or even in order, just finished in some manner and have 50,000 words. I'm sure I could babble out a story of 50k words in a month. Really, so long as I don't spellcheck it, or re-read any of it, in fact: I should type and not even look up at the screen. Just focus and keep my eyes glued to the keyboard in some sort of hypnotic trance.

Speaking of which, I'm looking into getting some hypnotherapy for the anxiety. More to the point, to help me get control of the munchies and nail biting. It'll cost £240 over four sessions, but the guy I'm interested in seeing has a rather high success rate. I'm still considering.

Now...writing. Writing begins tonight at midnight. tonight. tomorrow. And it's Halloween so I have to take the kids trick-or-treating. It's annoying here, the people make the kids sing songs and earn their sweets, not like home where folks just chuck a handful into your pillowcase and close the door in your face again. This year Sassy is Peter Pan, and Shorty is a pink fluffy fairy. Tomboy and girlie-girl.

I'm still not sure where my Mom is going to sleep while she's here, it's causing me much stress. She can either sleep in the bedroom with the girls, which means she'll be woken up by Shorty crying in the night because she still has that aannoyinghabit. Or she can sleep down in the living room, but that means I'll have to wake her up every morning at seven. I have a small house. It's only a problem at times like this. You know, what I could do is have Shorty sleep on her mattress my room, Sassy sleep on the bottom bunk in her room and Mom could share with Sassy, who is brilliant and once she falls asleep she's out for the night...that may work. I'll only have to move some furniture into our garage for the two weeks to make room for the inflatable bed. that sounds like the best option....thanks for listening. Talking this out has actually helped a little.

Now, I need to come up with menus for the whole two weeks or my head will explode with uncertainty and my wallet will diminish faster than...than...this lame ass comparison


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I think having to sing for candy is the single biggest cause of anxiety.

Lyvvie said...

I see you've not read the updated version of this post. But I'll sing for sweets, I have no shame when it comes to sugar.

Chill Daddy said...

Hey fellow Nanowrimo blogger. Man am I glad to find you. (cuz you're in Scotland)

My book is about selkies and I need to know if you have clams. Seriously. By tomorrow.

Feel free to drop by my blog if you have any questions for your book regarding things that are 'chill'.

chryscat said...

Holy shit, Lyvvie!
Simmer woman, simmer. You're giving me an anxiety attack.
Okay. You've got the visiting situation handled. ^5
Then we'll move on to the Nanowrimo portion of this comment.
Write whatever the hell you feel like. Don't let it stress you out!!!

Sylvana said...

Your solution to the sleeping arrangements was actually just what I was going to suggest.
We have a small house too and it gets difficult finding room for guests. I know what you are going through.