Thursday, September 14, 2006

Walked in the pouring rain to the gym today - wearing my wellington boots and raincoat. I kept telling Shorty that it was great fun, and we kept trying to find choice puddles for stomping in. I'm glad she bought it because I don't think I could've dealt with more tantrums - she's been awful all week. I think she's cutting molars. We got home completely soaked, my trousers were plastered to my thighs, and Shorty's diaper was hugely swollen from the trickle of rain down her back. Bless her, that she didn't complain about.

I did the shoulders, abs and triceps routine, with twenty minutes elliptical and twenty minutes stairclimber. I'm finding that my weights workouts, when I'm really pulling or squeezing the muscles, my heart rate keeps up in the the aerobic level. Today's calorie burn: 1188. which I seriously need after having a candy bar binge yesterday - I was too ashamed to mention it yesterday. I bought a big block of milk chocolate with almonds and raisins and ate the whole thing: just under 1000 calories. And that's not all I ate, I still had my meals on top of that. I was very naughty - someone spank me (I feel extra guilty for doing this after telling a friend to not eat a bucket of fried chicken after his triathlon. I am a hypocrite).

But really - where do the shops get off making these big bars and only charging .48 pence for it!? I think there should be stiff and mean candy taxes to stop people from sweets binging. I mean they do it for cigarettes and liquor so why not sugar? they have stupid things like charging VAT (value added tax) to things that are covered in chocolate, but not on things that are half coated. I don't even know about gummy sweets and hard candies and that stuff. Why not just tax sugar? I need to be punished, and I need to see a huge whopping pricetag on sweets to put me off buying them. Really, I do. don't you? Of course you do.

VAT is a bastard thing anyways - they charge VAT on some books and on feminine hygiene products - yes I have to pay tax for tampons. So unfair, if men bled every month there would be no tax on their hygiene products. Bastards. Makes me want to lobby and change things.

I don't have tons of extra cash every month, but I always have a spare fifty pence lying around somewhere....I must find ways of keeping loose change away from me.

I'm getting my hair cut on Saturday, I'm thinking about this for a look. Too out of date? Are bobs still in? I like to use Molly Ringwald as a hair guide because we kind of look alike, same shaped face, same colouring. she has money and personal stylists (although I've seen some of the things she's worn and it's scary. I think someone was teasing her) I used to get people telling me I looked like her all the time as a teen, but once I moved to Scotland and got fat that stopped. I resented the resmblance when I was young, but I suppose if I hear it again, it'll mean I'm thin. So I won't mind so much.

What's for dinner...

I was trawling Zappos for running shoes. I want these and.or these ones. To be honest I like the sauconys in orange too. Orange is the colour of energy, of pleasure and inspiration. what better colour could there be for a running shoe? I'm thinking if my Mom comes over in November I'll buy them and ship them to her and she can bring them over in her luggage. I know what size I need in the saucony, but not sure about the adidas. But I suppose if they turn out to be a half size too big, I can just add an insole. It kills me to have to buy size nine shoes, I used to be a seven; damned pregnancies and fallen arches.


Doug Hoffman said...

(A) You're cuter than Molly Ringwald. She has kinda a Lucille Ball thing going for her in that pic you linked, but I don't think she has Lucy's talent.

(B) I'll spank you. I suppose you'll make me come to you, though.

Lyvvie said...

Cosmic spanks will count - strike out hard enough, and I'm sure I'll feel it.

I respect Molly for going forward and doing what she wants to do and not having to asnswer to, or be made responsible to anyone but herself. I don't think she needs to jusify her choices to anyone, because she looks so damned happy.