Monday, September 11, 2006

Running on High!

Holy BeJeezus!! Guess what I did yesterday - go on and guess! I did a proper run. On the road, no treadmill - where people could see me and everything! I did, it's almost two miles long, and I did it without too much hassle and it felt great. Not the running so much but the achievement - The Fucking Achievement! So here's what I did:

Ran to gym the long way around the bottom of the hill and up the easy side, ran into gym and hopped onto elliptical for 25 minutes, hopped off and went to loo for a pee, ran out and ran all the way back home the same way I came. I didn't stop. About three and a half (and a bit) miles, my pace, my way, saying hello and good morning to folks as I went - proud as fucking punch I was/am. I burned just under 700 calories in an hour - I did it in just under an hour - 15 minutes there, 25 elliptical and 15 home. I'm floating on my own swollen joy.

So fucking proud, so fucking proud, so fucking proud!

Then I got home, had a shower, got dressed in my baggy jeans and a tee shirt. My face was still bright red so I grabbed my book and got to lay on the bed and read for an hour as Shorty was asleep for an early nap. It was great to have some quiet time.

I got up and went to make some lunch when I felt like something was scratching my leg - did I leave a pair of old underpants in the leg? No, so I went back to cooking. Then my right thigh was stinging again and I though maybe I had a splinter or something in the denim but tried to shake it loose. Another minute and it was stinging so much I unzipped the jeans and pulled my leg out, turned the jean's leg inside out when a huge, fat spider plopped on the floor - I let out a disgusted screech that brought the Husband running into the kitchen, where he found me half out of my trousers and with three nasty spider bites on my leg. He grabbed the mop and squashed the spider to bits with quite a bit of anger. My hero. It was ICKY!

The bites continued to sting, and I remembered Great-Grandma telling me the day before that she got bit by an earwig recently and put vinegar on the wound to stop the pain, so I tried it - and the pain went away immediately! It was great. I'll remember that again in case anyone else gets bitten by some nasty beastie. I don't know if the spider was in my trousers the whole time I was reading, or if it climbed up my trouser leg while I was cutting vegetables in the kitchen but I'm kind of wary of all my clothes now and give everything a good shake before putting them on. Reasons why tight jeans are good: beastie retardant!

Went to the gym today for biceps and chest work, plus some cardio on the elliptical. I had a big bowl of cereal for breakfast, vegetable soup with Ritz crackers crumbled in for lunch and some bacon that I fried up to go into the pasta sauce for tonight's dinner - baked ziti with meat sauce and tons of cheese. It's already done and just waiting for its time in the oven. Easy day to really. Finished Harry Potter and POA (my favourite one) and will start The Goblet of Fire later on. The next one I like to call the Shouty-angsty teen book of Joy!!


fuff said...

Oh gawd. I'm going to have nightmares about that.
You must be so pleased with your progress though :)

Beth said...


Maja said...

Wow! You're so strong and tuff!

I can't believe you got bitten by a spider, how horrible. Geez, and people are scared of spiders in Australia... look what you've got in Scotland!

Lyvvie said...

Fuff - Who are you AKA and do you have a blog I can visit too?? I always like to run about in new playgrounds.

Fuff said...

LOL. You've visited my blog before

Lyvvie said...

Ahhhh, now I remember. Yes, spiders for nightmares, not keen. and the house is full of them at the moment as it's getting cold at night and they creep in through creep-in holes and I'm beginning to think it's going to be raining a lot pretty soon from all the bad smooshing mojo going on.

The Italians jump about smooshing grapes for wine, I jump around smooshing spiders for,