Friday, September 08, 2006

Personal DNA (well it's not yours is it!)

I took an online personality test at Personal DNA, and the results were awesome! So I, of course, loved it. I recommend it to you too. These were my results: I am an Animated Idealist. What are you???


Nancy J. Bond said...

I'll check out the link. In the meantime, I've moved my blog if you want to update my link. It's now at

Thanks, chickie. :-)

Lyvvie said...

Ok, have done but now I can't comment on your blog anymore *pout*

Did you get my email a couple weeks ago saying congratulations on the new grandson? Well if you did sentiments are there. He's adorable! :)

Nancy J. Bond said... that because you're using beta? I think I'm set so that anyone can post a comment, but I'll check. Thanks for the congrats on my grandson -- he is a beautiful boy. :)

Masquerade said...

There's an 'other' category for gender. What else is there? Male, Female....are they counting a hermaphrodite as its own gender now?