Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm quite very tired...

I have an awesome workout yesterday!! It was shoulders and triceps day, and I did a few abs exercises, but as tomorrow is ab day I didn't go overboard. My abs are really starting to develop - not that I can see anything due to bodyfat, but I can feel them. My backaches are completely gone - 100%. I haven't had a twinge from the sciatica in over two months.

I was sweating buckets. I did 30 minutes elliptical (was so busy in the gym today it was the only machine free, and I kept it as long as I could) and ran one mile in 10 minutes - I got the treadmill up to 7mph for two split-minutes and it felt amazing - it felt great! No stitch, no sore feet, no serious gasping for breath. I was in control the whole time and it was wonderful!! I did my workout right up to the very last minute otherwise I would have ran for longer. I wonder if I should add a run in later at night-time...or is that pushing things too much?? Calorie burn was: 1240.

Breakfast was a two egg omlette with a couple shavings of cheese, and two slices of w/w toast and butter - the butter was calling me, screaming out for me. I could've just eaten the butter and forgotten the bread all-together. Got home from gym and had a big bowl of all bran and a protein drink.

I had the dentist in the afternoon - had not been looking forward to it as I thought I had a cavity in my top right bicuspid (right superior premolar for you dental geeks out there) and it'll be because of the energy drinks I was having pre-workout. I stopped drinking them about two weeks ago when I noticed all the back teeth on that top side were sore/sensitive all the time. But that tooth is the only one still giving me twinges. Ah well - I havent had a cavity in about 15 years so I guess I'm due. The thing I hate is, novocaine doesn't work on me (which I shouted repeatedly to the dipshit stitching up my episiotomy - thankfully birth numbed the area enough already that I wasn't suffering too much but did he get an earful of abuse! I'm also morphine resistant - lucky ole me) and I have had a few cavities filled with no pain killers at all - not fucking fun!! They don't like knocking people out just for a filling. Dentists usually think I'm a big puss until I tell them to just do it with should see their faces then - try it you'll laugh!! Plus the girls were there, watching - must be the good grown up and show them how to behave properly in the dentist office.

I can add a six mile walk on top of the workout because we walked to the dentists and back. I did NOT have any cavities - Woohoo!! But I do have some enamel erosion and scar tissue on the gum above the sore tooth (don't eat with sharp forks while drunk and silly) and it's exposing some of the sensitive bits. I grind my teeth in my sleep and that's getting bad. The energy drinks are definitely aggravating the problem. He's put a protective gel-goo on the exposed bit; which was a hideous orange until it set up properly two hours later and prompted many "EWwww Mummy your teeth are yucky!" I'm supposed to gentle brush (that's going to be tough because I'm an aggressive brusher - I attack my teeth.) and use sensitive teeth toothpaste. I have wussy-pussy teeth!!!

I was so tired last night all I could do was watch lame TV. I gave that up at 9:30 and read my Harry Potter. It's amazing how when I re-read these from the beginning I pick up on all sorts of things that I never remembered. The big thing getting to me right now is: Snape went to head off Quirrel on the third floor ,when the Ogre was let into the school, and he got bit by Fluffy - but he didn't go to Madam Pomfrey to get his leg healed. He had Filch wrap his wounds for him in the teacher's lounge. Why would he do that? Suffer the pain rather than have it magically healed in an instant? I'm starting to question whether Snape is really good or not. I've held that he his on the side of good - a double-double agent, but now...*quivering lip*


NWJR said...

I still think Snape is a vampire.

Think about it--the pasty face, the robes, and he's always out and about at night.

AND, as potions master, he could come up with something that would allow him to be out for brief bits during the day.

A vampire, I tell you. Trust me on this one.

Lyvvie said...

They all wear robes.

His house is under the lake, and his classroom is in the dungeons - he is by circumstance a sun dodger!

perhaps he's an insomniac. Perhaps he and Argus Filch are lovers - oh god don't let it be....

But...see he was bleeding when bitten by Fluffy. Vampires don't bleed. Do they?

Maja said...

Vampires totally bleed. They just don't produce their own blood, which is why they have to drink others'.

Your workout sounded brilliant. You're so fit now! All that hard work paid off.

I'm an aggressive brusher as well, I know what you mean.. my tooth brushes look like they're 6 months old after the first use! That's why I use an electric toothbrush.

Lyvvie said...

Hubs bought me, at my request, a sonicare toothbrush a couple years ago for X-mas and I loved it! But the head broke off and it was useless and I haven't managed to get another one. I'll save my pennies because it really was an amazing toothbrush.

And yes, I am the kind of dork who asks for posh expensive toothbrushes for X-mas. His mother was horrified with him when he told her "You can't by that for your wife!" *smack* "But mum, she asked for it!!"