Friday, September 15, 2006

Ah yes, it's hard to be good.

Today is payday. I've been struggling to keep within a tight budget all month and kind of failed again. My biggest downfall - the grocery store. I keep spending the odd tenner here and there on specials, or discounted items thinking I'm saving money, not really spending it. I really need to stop this.

It's a new way of feeding the bargain hunter within me. I used to bargain spend on clothes in the Gap; before I knew it we all had way too many clothes and I was sending huge bags of it out to charities. Then it was cheap book club books until we had so many we couldn't move house for all the heavy boxes of books. Now it's the yellow tag section of Tesco and buy one get one free deals. Why am I such a sucker for sales marketing?

So, as a way to curb this, I've started ordering groceries online and having them delivered. This way I can stick to my shopping list, budget, diet and keep out of trouble. I used to do this because I don't drive and carrying all we needed on the bus was pure hell with a toddler strapped to my back. I think I've paid my dues in that area.

It does help me stick to my diet. It's not so easy to talk me into impulse buying sweets. I did have some cookies on the list, two tubs of ice cream and bagels which were all on special prices, but I have the luxury of making the order on a Monday and having it delivered on Friday and in the days in between I can check and recheck the list to make sure I've not been silly. So I've managed to whittle the list down to necessities and no extra junk - gone are the cookies, ice cream and bagels. Ok, the kids get popsicles which are cheap and not so bad so far as treats go. I can go back and police myself. It costs extra for delivery but I think it may be ok.

Off to the gym gym gym to pay my dues to be slim slim slim.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Walked in the pouring rain to the gym today - wearing my wellington boots and raincoat. I kept telling Shorty that it was great fun, and we kept trying to find choice puddles for stomping in. I'm glad she bought it because I don't think I could've dealt with more tantrums - she's been awful all week. I think she's cutting molars. We got home completely soaked, my trousers were plastered to my thighs, and Shorty's diaper was hugely swollen from the trickle of rain down her back. Bless her, that she didn't complain about.

I did the shoulders, abs and triceps routine, with twenty minutes elliptical and twenty minutes stairclimber. I'm finding that my weights workouts, when I'm really pulling or squeezing the muscles, my heart rate keeps up in the the aerobic level. Today's calorie burn: 1188. which I seriously need after having a candy bar binge yesterday - I was too ashamed to mention it yesterday. I bought a big block of milk chocolate with almonds and raisins and ate the whole thing: just under 1000 calories. And that's not all I ate, I still had my meals on top of that. I was very naughty - someone spank me (I feel extra guilty for doing this after telling a friend to not eat a bucket of fried chicken after his triathlon. I am a hypocrite).

But really - where do the shops get off making these big bars and only charging .48 pence for it!? I think there should be stiff and mean candy taxes to stop people from sweets binging. I mean they do it for cigarettes and liquor so why not sugar? they have stupid things like charging VAT (value added tax) to things that are covered in chocolate, but not on things that are half coated. I don't even know about gummy sweets and hard candies and that stuff. Why not just tax sugar? I need to be punished, and I need to see a huge whopping pricetag on sweets to put me off buying them. Really, I do. don't you? Of course you do.

VAT is a bastard thing anyways - they charge VAT on some books and on feminine hygiene products - yes I have to pay tax for tampons. So unfair, if men bled every month there would be no tax on their hygiene products. Bastards. Makes me want to lobby and change things.

I don't have tons of extra cash every month, but I always have a spare fifty pence lying around somewhere....I must find ways of keeping loose change away from me.

I'm getting my hair cut on Saturday, I'm thinking about this for a look. Too out of date? Are bobs still in? I like to use Molly Ringwald as a hair guide because we kind of look alike, same shaped face, same colouring. she has money and personal stylists (although I've seen some of the things she's worn and it's scary. I think someone was teasing her) I used to get people telling me I looked like her all the time as a teen, but once I moved to Scotland and got fat that stopped. I resented the resmblance when I was young, but I suppose if I hear it again, it'll mean I'm thin. So I won't mind so much.

What's for dinner...

I was trawling Zappos for running shoes. I want these and.or these ones. To be honest I like the sauconys in orange too. Orange is the colour of energy, of pleasure and inspiration. what better colour could there be for a running shoe? I'm thinking if my Mom comes over in November I'll buy them and ship them to her and she can bring them over in her luggage. I know what size I need in the saucony, but not sure about the adidas. But I suppose if they turn out to be a half size too big, I can just add an insole. It kills me to have to buy size nine shoes, I used to be a seven; damned pregnancies and fallen arches.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Find a happy place, find a happy place...

The current tantrum has been in full swing for nearly three hours now. She is exhausted but refuses to fall asleep for a nap - even though she keeps shouting "sleep!" I've used up all my motherly patience and I'm now racing about with the ignore sign flashing above my head cleaning and trying to keep busy. I've now cleaned as much as i can. there's nothing left to clean. I'll have to start cooking soon, then I'll have something to clean.

Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep. Go to sleep.

I was hoping she would have a nap so she'd be in a good mood when we have to take Sassy for her Judo lesson at four - not looking like that's going to happen. Bless the good soul of Hubby's Grandmother for she gave me wine, and I will need to partake of the wine tonight, because lord above, help this child because if she keeps this up I'm going to chuck her out the window. My patience is as thin as a needy starlet's red carpet dress and my nerves are just as exposed.

***Update - she just fell asleep. I now have to wake her up in 45 minutes. It will be fun for all of five minutes tormenting her back into consciousness, but I'm sure she'll slam me for the rest of the afternoon with misery and decrepitude. the cries of "Mummy carry!" will pound in my ears and I will wither and crumble to the floor. Calgon take me away!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Running on High!

Holy BeJeezus!! Guess what I did yesterday - go on and guess! I did a proper run. On the road, no treadmill - where people could see me and everything! I did, it's almost two miles long, and I did it without too much hassle and it felt great. Not the running so much but the achievement - The Fucking Achievement! So here's what I did:

Ran to gym the long way around the bottom of the hill and up the easy side, ran into gym and hopped onto elliptical for 25 minutes, hopped off and went to loo for a pee, ran out and ran all the way back home the same way I came. I didn't stop. About three and a half (and a bit) miles, my pace, my way, saying hello and good morning to folks as I went - proud as fucking punch I was/am. I burned just under 700 calories in an hour - I did it in just under an hour - 15 minutes there, 25 elliptical and 15 home. I'm floating on my own swollen joy.

So fucking proud, so fucking proud, so fucking proud!

Then I got home, had a shower, got dressed in my baggy jeans and a tee shirt. My face was still bright red so I grabbed my book and got to lay on the bed and read for an hour as Shorty was asleep for an early nap. It was great to have some quiet time.

I got up and went to make some lunch when I felt like something was scratching my leg - did I leave a pair of old underpants in the leg? No, so I went back to cooking. Then my right thigh was stinging again and I though maybe I had a splinter or something in the denim but tried to shake it loose. Another minute and it was stinging so much I unzipped the jeans and pulled my leg out, turned the jean's leg inside out when a huge, fat spider plopped on the floor - I let out a disgusted screech that brought the Husband running into the kitchen, where he found me half out of my trousers and with three nasty spider bites on my leg. He grabbed the mop and squashed the spider to bits with quite a bit of anger. My hero. It was ICKY!

The bites continued to sting, and I remembered Great-Grandma telling me the day before that she got bit by an earwig recently and put vinegar on the wound to stop the pain, so I tried it - and the pain went away immediately! It was great. I'll remember that again in case anyone else gets bitten by some nasty beastie. I don't know if the spider was in my trousers the whole time I was reading, or if it climbed up my trouser leg while I was cutting vegetables in the kitchen but I'm kind of wary of all my clothes now and give everything a good shake before putting them on. Reasons why tight jeans are good: beastie retardant!

Went to the gym today for biceps and chest work, plus some cardio on the elliptical. I had a big bowl of cereal for breakfast, vegetable soup with Ritz crackers crumbled in for lunch and some bacon that I fried up to go into the pasta sauce for tonight's dinner - baked ziti with meat sauce and tons of cheese. It's already done and just waiting for its time in the oven. Easy day to really. Finished Harry Potter and POA (my favourite one) and will start The Goblet of Fire later on. The next one I like to call the Shouty-angsty teen book of Joy!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Personal DNA (well it's not yours is it!)

I took an online personality test at Personal DNA, and the results were awesome! So I, of course, loved it. I recommend it to you too. These were my results: I am an Animated Idealist. What are you???

Thursday, September 07, 2006


My Google horoscope today reads:

A difficult situation close to home can push your psychological buttons. You may not even realize that you have intense issues about what's happening in your life. On the other hand, it is apparent that something is upsetting you and you may not be able to put your finger on it. Don't struggle for a final solution now. Instead, keep an open mind and be willing to engage in a heated discussion -- even if you don't know where it's leading.

Hooray - I can hang around waiting for someone to annoy me and then pick a fight and not even worry if I have an adequate argument to support my behaviour! It's like Christmas!!! I can't wait until the Husband comes home!

And just so you know, it doesn't take much to press my psychological buttons, I'm easy to wind up. That must be because I have intense issues that I'm not even aware of yet!! I mean really - They're so intense even I don't know how intense they are.

I feel highly suspicious of everyone now.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Comments...and spurting coffee.

I'm in the Blogger Beta club, it's had a lot of good points, but a few sucky ones too. all part of being a test group right? Regarding comments, Blogger says:

"Users who have not switched to Blogger in beta will not be able to login to comment on blogs that have been switched. Commenting using the “anonymous” or “other” options will still work.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I keep thinking...

About that picture of Anna Nicole Smith (over there in the Guess ad trying to see around her boob to smell her nether regions) and wondering - What is wrong with your boob?!?! It's kind of rectangular and is way up near your collarbone. I know they aren't real but they shouldn't look un-natural. I don't know, was this picture before she married the billionaire??

Can anyone explain...

Why images of The Undertaker are currently the number one hit for my site?? What's so big about the Undertaker all of a sudden - I know he's not died. So come on you German folks - What's the deal on the Undertaker??

I used his image to explain what my mental image of all the heroes in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Were-folks books in a March book review

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The scent of things to come...

It's arrived here in the UK; the scented tampon. I remember, about a year ago, the outrage of many blogger friends who were introduced to this heinous product. A flower scented vagina; just what every woman should have. Bah! And they're target-market are teenage girls - get them good and paranoid while young and insecure so they can have a lifetime of feminine hygiene issues to create new products for.

Besides, how many women let another person near their crotch during their periods? Even when having sex during a woman's period, women aren't likely to allow their partner put their face down there and go "Wow there's a hint of a lovely floral scent! She must really care about me!" I know it probably happens in some bedroom in some part of the world but I'd like to think most women reserve direct access for sans menses.

I hate marketing that purports that woman parts are smelly and must be covered up with perfumes, chemicals and soaps. Quite honestly, I don't see what the big deal is - women smell like women. Genitals have a genital smell. I do agree that one's privates shouldn't be smelling overly foul from lack of hygiene, but to tell a woman she should insert a flower scented tampon to cover up the smell of her menstruation is ridiculous. For one thing the (normal) menses doesn't have a bad smell, (I've always though it smelled like coffee) but what's perfectly normal to one person is offensive to another. I think that makes it their personal, individual issue - not a women's issue as a whole. Sure it gets sweaty down there and, just like the armpits and feet, there's bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors - nothing a wash won't fix. But why are we being told we must mask our own natural scent - natural not meaning B.O., but just the normal sweet muskiness of human beings?

We never see these types of product marketed for men, and that's where the indignity of it lies. Men have genital smells too and not all of them are attractive. Do we ever see Forest Musk Ball Balm advertised for men? Or special Sport Scent Q-tips for cleaning under the foreskin*? In fact if you Google "how to clean a foreskin" you won't find much - a lot of instructions for mothers on how to teach their son to clean their own penis but nothing for the adult male except for Wikipedia's detailed description of smegma with pictures. but even they say to simply wash with warm water...why are women told they smell so bad that they must perfume themselves when men have the exact same issues? (And that goes for cut men too, you also have funky smelling down belows, don't delude yourself to the contrary.)

It's an oral sex double standard - they should just admit this and market Minty Tampons with dental floss strings and Cherry Flavoured Cockpops (thanks LBB), Butterscotch Ball Balm and Mountain Fresh Fanny Wash - because it's the unsaid assumption that your crotch is going to be sniffed at by more than just the dog so you better make it fresh and clean - and thank the lord for companies who are able to help us by providing products to cover our humanness, our vile naturalness our bestial lineage with the fragrant bouquet of a summer meadow.

What we need are more people like Doug, people who appreciate and understand that this is life, this is real - private parts have a private scent and if you don't like it then keep your face well enough away and make space for the special person who can embrace your aromas with enthusiasm and joy and make the world a happy place.

*if you do have a foreskin it isn't wise to use a Q-tip to clean it. You've been warned.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Hungry and Horny (lets see the hit counter fly)

As stolen from Doug's blog.


Discover Your Sins - Click Here

Food and fornication - what could be better? I will now run about singing Food and Fornication to the tune of Californication by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

I'm quite very tired...

I have an awesome workout yesterday!! It was shoulders and triceps day, and I did a few abs exercises, but as tomorrow is ab day I didn't go overboard. My abs are really starting to develop - not that I can see anything due to bodyfat, but I can feel them. My backaches are completely gone - 100%. I haven't had a twinge from the sciatica in over two months.

I was sweating buckets. I did 30 minutes elliptical (was so busy in the gym today it was the only machine free, and I kept it as long as I could) and ran one mile in 10 minutes - I got the treadmill up to 7mph for two split-minutes and it felt amazing - it felt great! No stitch, no sore feet, no serious gasping for breath. I was in control the whole time and it was wonderful!! I did my workout right up to the very last minute otherwise I would have ran for longer. I wonder if I should add a run in later at night-time...or is that pushing things too much?? Calorie burn was: 1240.

Breakfast was a two egg omlette with a couple shavings of cheese, and two slices of w/w toast and butter - the butter was calling me, screaming out for me. I could've just eaten the butter and forgotten the bread all-together. Got home from gym and had a big bowl of all bran and a protein drink.

I had the dentist in the afternoon - had not been looking forward to it as I thought I had a cavity in my top right bicuspid (right superior premolar for you dental geeks out there) and it'll be because of the energy drinks I was having pre-workout. I stopped drinking them about two weeks ago when I noticed all the back teeth on that top side were sore/sensitive all the time. But that tooth is the only one still giving me twinges. Ah well - I havent had a cavity in about 15 years so I guess I'm due. The thing I hate is, novocaine doesn't work on me (which I shouted repeatedly to the dipshit stitching up my episiotomy - thankfully birth numbed the area enough already that I wasn't suffering too much but did he get an earful of abuse! I'm also morphine resistant - lucky ole me) and I have had a few cavities filled with no pain killers at all - not fucking fun!! They don't like knocking people out just for a filling. Dentists usually think I'm a big puss until I tell them to just do it with should see their faces then - try it you'll laugh!! Plus the girls were there, watching - must be the good grown up and show them how to behave properly in the dentist office.

I can add a six mile walk on top of the workout because we walked to the dentists and back. I did NOT have any cavities - Woohoo!! But I do have some enamel erosion and scar tissue on the gum above the sore tooth (don't eat with sharp forks while drunk and silly) and it's exposing some of the sensitive bits. I grind my teeth in my sleep and that's getting bad. The energy drinks are definitely aggravating the problem. He's put a protective gel-goo on the exposed bit; which was a hideous orange until it set up properly two hours later and prompted many "EWwww Mummy your teeth are yucky!" I'm supposed to gentle brush (that's going to be tough because I'm an aggressive brusher - I attack my teeth.) and use sensitive teeth toothpaste. I have wussy-pussy teeth!!!

I was so tired last night all I could do was watch lame TV. I gave that up at 9:30 and read my Harry Potter. It's amazing how when I re-read these from the beginning I pick up on all sorts of things that I never remembered. The big thing getting to me right now is: Snape went to head off Quirrel on the third floor ,when the Ogre was let into the school, and he got bit by Fluffy - but he didn't go to Madam Pomfrey to get his leg healed. He had Filch wrap his wounds for him in the teacher's lounge. Why would he do that? Suffer the pain rather than have it magically healed in an instant? I'm starting to question whether Snape is really good or not. I've held that he his on the side of good - a double-double agent, but now...*quivering lip*