Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The way of things today.

I'm feeling a bit better today, even though I didn't get much sleep last night. I was restless, talking too much in my head - not even worrying stuff just daydreams and fiction. Shorty was up in the night too with a wet bed and sleepy tantrum - how dare I change her diaper while she sleeps in urine soaked pajamas, and to add insult to injury, I change her pajamas! Scandal!!

I went for breakfast with a friend and ate the 4X2 special (two eggs, two bacon two sausage and two slices of toast) and gave the toast to Shorty - who perked up and shouted "Jam! Jam Pweese. Jam!" Had three cups of excellent coffee and have been pissing ever since - I was lucky I didn't have to jump into the woods for emergency pee - thought about it, was able to hold until I got home. I retained my dignity.

Before I went home I went to the sport center and paid to have Shorty back in the creche for tomorrow - previously postponed because of 11:30 dentist appointment, but the dentist called me yesterday to move the appt to 3:30 in the afternoon. So Sassy can go to school (due to awful appt. time I was going to keep her home) and I can go to the gym. I was happy. She, not so much.

I'm having a high fiber day - must clean out candy gunge in pipes. I'm taking psyllium, and eating a bowl of all bran whenever I get hungry. This means I am also going to drink about three liters of water today. Tomorrow should be *ahem* eventful.

I am going to clean the house, fold and put away the laundry and have a good look at some writing and get outlines better organised. Later, I'll get to read for my own enjoyment - a rare treat. I'm considering putting a short story into the Bubblehead short story review. But then. Miss Snark is also opening up her professional opinions for everyone - that may be too big a risk for me, coward that I am.

I also signed over to the Blogger Beta this morning. I haven't noticed too many differences other than the spell check is far superior and I can new post from my top line border thing - don't make be technical, I'm no HTML specialist. I think it'll be pretty cool though.

***Ok one complaint - I can't comment on blogs with word verification because the thing keeps getting it's knickers in a twist. So Gerbera: glad to have you back!! Tried to tell you a few times but it just won't let me.


Maja said...

I've heard nothing about blog beta except that it's shite...

Yay eggs bacon and sausages... yum!

tornwordo said...

Doesn't beta mean they are still working the bugs out?

Eventful? Eventful! Ahem indeed.