Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Timeline Static.

I seems to have forgotten that time has this habit of passing. I don't live to schedules or deadlines anymore so I pretty much airy-fairy my way through life. I have few appointments and those I do have I tend to forget and have to reset about three times. That's the only lame excuse I can come up with for forgetting to post my Smart Bitches Day post yesterday.

I was looking into some of those "How To write a Romance Novel" websites and was comparing and contrasting information to see which ones are helpful and which ones are misleading. I got a bit wrapped up. I ended up at one point link clicking about ten pages deep and I forgot which page was the original. Before I knew it, it was time to cook dinner. I'll keep going with the SBD - but if i get sidetracked again I may have to go another route.

I'm out to the gym this morning, it's leg day. I've been naughty lately - keep craving and eating peanut M&Ms. I don't know what it is about them, but I just have to have them. The blue ones still bother me - the colour just doesn't mix well, and it's the only one that does melt in your hand - they're not supposed to do that! Remember the slogan "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand." Well the damned hideous blue ones DO melt in your hand. Bastard blue M&Ms. I think they should've been a nicer blue, a slightly darker blue. They should have palette matched the colour better. It really annoys me. Now, I actually like that shade of blue - it looks great on clothes, nice on quilts, but not in the bag of M&Ms.

I've been looking over some outlines for a story I started a couple years ago. Trying to see if I still like it, like the characters, the writing. I have such a hard time writing sometimes, it feels like the walls close in and I can't read/write anything anymore. Hysterical blindness. I don't know why, anxiety I guess.

Sassy came up to me with a very worried look on her face yesterday morning. I asked her what was up...

"I worry because I'm not like other people."
"How do you mean?"
"I feel different."
"How different?"
"I don't know..."
"What, like you have bats flying out of your ears or something?" I suggest.
"Yes, only when I turn to look for them, they fly away and I never get to catch them."

I love my kids.


Fuff said...

Excellent observation that. One only a child (or a nutter) could make!

Maja said...

oh my god m&m's are the best lollie/chocolate in one EVER. I love them, and they can only be eaten by the packet. Just don't but them. That one moment of resistance at the shop helps prevent a whole lot of calories/kilojoules (whatever they are).

Kids ARE different. Maybe Sassy hasn't lost her innocence as early as the rest now?