Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Having a hard time finding the joy.

Life is trudging along. We're halfway through the summer vacation. I've tried to find things to do for all the days be it going into the creche while I'm in the gym, going to the library or playpark. Whatever. Today I didn't really have a plan so I figured an extra day at the gym would be ok and I asked Sassy and she said it would be great. So we get ready. Correction: I get ready. She sits and remains glued to the cartoons. I have to badger, annoy, push and struggle to keep my temper in the presence of her sloth and growing sarcasm.

I did lose my temper. She was beginning to stomp around, be lame (shorts and long sleeves - no i won't wear jeans - no these aren't the same socks I wore yesterday but yes they really are. Shouting, sassy sassy wee bitch. She got a smack on the ass up the stairs because she said no when I asked to hurry and go brush her teeth. Time running short and she's decided to be obstinate.

We walked up to the gym because at that point I needed two hours away from her. When we got there it was too late and all the places were full. Long quiet walk home. So she's not going to the movies this weekend. She's not even allowed out of her room. Except for meals. And the toilet. She chose to have a a tantrum and be disobedient instead - hope she enjoys her time in her room.

We made a deal yesterday that if she could behave, and get five checks on her good behavior chart and no X's I would take her to see Cars at the weekend. She's ruined it already. Less than 24 hours and with a grand display of failure. Yes I had to brush her teeth for her. Yes I had to brush her hair for her. I had to choose her clothes. She was shouting at me, stamping her feet and making that annoying noise she makes when she's feeling stubborn.

Not much is going on otherwise. I'm still in the gym, still dieting but I've retired the scales for a few weeks because I find them distracting and demotivating. I want to see drastic changes but they're not coming fast enough. I'm now up to two miles on my running and the weights are the same. I took my first spinning class yesterday and that was good fun. The bikes don't spin though - I was expecting a bit of BMX action but it was just a stationary bike. But still it was good and I went the whole class and left a puddle of sweat beneath me that I felt guilty about but was told there's folks to come and clean it up right after. I felt it was wrong to expect someone else to clean up my sweat but I was ushered out and left it there.

Hubs has had to work late every night for almost three weeks so I'm getting lonely. The kids are ok but they're kids and not really all that fun to talk to for long periods of time. I talk a lot on my favourite forum but it's out of commission for the moment.

I guess I could go weed the garden and mow the lawn. After that who knows; dishes, counters and washing the floors - Calgon take me away.


NWJR said...

Chalk it up to mid-summer burnout. Of course, it's been 90+ degrees here for most of last month, so everyone around me is a bit cranky and stressed.

Hang in there... :-)

SafeTinspector said...

I get the same sort of crap from the five year old. Some of it is her trying on different attitudes to see how they feel and fly (like when she told Heather she was glad it hurt when they took her staples out) and some are just plain annoying (like how anytime she's scolded or told to do something she acts as if she's about to produce some big revelation, starting with "Dad," and going NOWHERE. I've taken to saying, "Don't you dad me!"...god I feel old.)

I truly think that boys are less trouble than girls in this. They don't have teh same amount of headgames. Give 'em a toy that makes noise and some grand adventure and they're happy. Girls need drama.

Pity that you don't get to go watch "Cars"....

Lyvvie said...

Thanks for understanding. We can now add huge tantrum about learning to tie her shoe laces and when I called her down from her room for dinner she was missing large chunks of her bangs.

I'll have to wait until tomorrow to assess the hair damage and see what we can do. She has school pictures in next month.

I am going to drink tonight.

Husband is still not home.

I got my period today. (hooray I'm not pregnant.)

I am thankful Shortie has behaved herself today - see I can always find the good in the muck of bad.

gina said...

school starts here next week! yippee!! i am drinking way too much.

hey, i like your girls in cafe pic ---> over there. very cute!

hope you make it through