Friday, July 14, 2006

What's wrong with these people!?!?

I just read Mark's Thursday post and I'm shocked and disgusted about the attempts to ban books from school libraries. I can understand a parent's personal choice to not let their own kid read something - but to inflict your prejudices on an entire school is fucking ridiculous! Go read Mark's post and offer up some support. Follow his lead and ask these taffy brained dipshits what the fuck they think they're doing...but in his clever, drawing out the truth, kind of way.

I mean...banning Junie B. Jones because she uses the word dumb?? Give me a fucking break. If I won the lottery I'd buy a whole frigging Mack Truck Rig full of every banned book and gift them to every public library in the whole state of North Carolina until the shelves were bulging and every kid could get the chance to read them.

Pity the children of these parents, seriously, feel a deep sense of remorse for they'll never be able to make a choice for themselves until early adulthood. They're slaves to their parent's fears and prejudices and I wish everyone of those parent's a miserable 10 years with those very pissed off teenagers when they realise just how censored their lives have been. May all their kids find the truth.


Gerbera Daisy said...

I have had a customer tell me she does not want her child to read Junie B Jones. Because the book is written as a kindergarten student would talk. PUH-LEASE!!! I have also had people tell me they would not buy Sponge Bob Square Pants. I totally and completely agree with you Lyvvie. These people are going to have kids grow up and not be able to make their own choices because they have always had their choices made for them. They will grow up to be afraid of their own shadow. I am so thankful my girls are raised.

chryscat said...

This is some of the biggest bullshit I've ever seen.
I live in the tightass state of Oklahoma, and I can tell you, it's more of the same here. People's butt's pucker at the mere thought of anything like this. It just pisses me the fuck off.
Those that propigate these issues are seriously fucked up and need professional help.
Oh. And to loosen their fucking sphincters. *nodding*

Beth said...

Yeah! What Lyvvie said!!

Lyvvie said...

Gerbera - Ack, don't you want to pound these people on the forehead and shout "McFly, Mcfly - it's the journal of a kindergarden kid Mcfly of course it's going to written in kidspeak - Jeez!". Obviously they are the offspring of parents who told them not to read and so they perpertuate the ignorance.

Chryscat - They need an intelligence enema, that would be a start because they're so constipated by their ignorance they can't be bothered to learn a thing a two about what they're rallying against. I do however occasionally get the heebiegeebies when you talk about home until you mention shampooing the kids in the pouring rain - that makes me want to come and visit.

Beth - thanks!! Speaking of coming to visit, I was reading your page last night and I turned to the Hubs and said "Can I have thousand pounds to visit a friend in Chicago?" He said if I could find the money out of his bank account then I could go. Expect me in about a year or so. Because sweaty hot days, possible gym buddy-ness and the lovely brown liquor sounds like heaven. And I never knew you could buy tuna at Target!

Lyvvie said...

And that would be me bringing the whiskey, of course. Cask strength. *wink*

Beth said...

Yay! Visitor! You are always welcome, especially if you bring liquor and don't mind sweating. You could even bring the kids! We'll just lock them up in my storage area and tell them it's an adventure! Oh don't worry, we'll slip some food in there a few times a day, give em a can of insect killer, and take them on the occassional walk. They'll love it. And if they don't, I'm 3 floors up and we won't have to hear their whinging.

And Target is the BEST for cheap foodstuffs - can of tuna is 74 cents (regular grocery store is 99 cents) and the Amy's organic frozen meals (which are usually like $4.50 at the grocery) are only $3. I am like obsessed with food deals from Target now. OBSESSED, I tell you. I'll put it down on your Chicago With Beth '07 itinerary, woo!

SafeTinspector said...

Soon it will be the law that all children under the age of 13 will only be allowed outside the house if they are wearing body armor.

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

I just saw an ugly act in Phuket... the worst human behaviour ever.