Thursday, July 20, 2006

Quick run in...

I've been saving bits of things since blogger was out of commission that I wanted to talk about so it may not make a lot of sense in one post, but it'll have to do.

Took a train ride today to see friends with new baby again and had a great time, kids were lovely and well behaved. Shortie did amuse many middleaged football fans on the train home by repeatedly saying "Fucking Hell!" over and over and with great delight. I laughed, red faced and in shock behind my hand in shame. The men were so impressed, they paid my train fare and gave the kids coins for sweets. It was a weird experience that made feel relieved and guilty all at once. I don't think the tightness of my shirt and fullness of my breasts had anything to do with it this time.

Wednesday workout was hard because it was so hot, humid and close. I split the run half mile at the start, weights and then the last half mile at the end. I've not been able to do the cardio lately - it's so hot/humid that I had to stop and use my kid's inhaler. I still have a cough from a couple weeks ago and I think it's still allergies. No fun running and hacking up a lung every two minutes. Weights I did:

80 cable pulldowns 66lbs
80 cable pullovers 66lbs
80 cable pressdowns 66lbs
100 cable rows 77lbs
80 tricep pressdowns (machine) 77lbs
50 tricep kickbacks 22lbs
50 single arm rows 22lbs
60 rear delt flys 33lbs
50 wrist curls 22lbs
50 wrist lifts 22lbs

Had a freaky weird dream.
I was living in a house I've never lived in before, and my mom was there too. I woke up in the dream and my chest was kind of sore. I took off my shirt and saw that I had started growing more nipples. I had three, brown skinned nipples on the right breast, two on the left breast and three more growing down my right side to my waist as if I were an animal. I freaked!! They were all tender and sensitive - no extra breasts mind you, just nipples - and they were huge/long apelike nipples, you could stack about five CDs on them. I showed my mom and she was like "What the hell have you done to yourself now?!" I went to the doctor and he said it was the high protein diet causing me to break out in nipples. I don't remember much else except the house was very messy, piles of clothes everywhere, litter on the carpets, just very slobbish. I don't live slobbishly so it stuck out my dream.

What does that all mean???

I'm seriously in need of a friend who will help me hold my skin tight so I can wax my armpits. any takers?


Badger said...

Holy crap! I may not sleep tonight for fear that your nipple dream is contagious.

Manblogger641 said...


I will hold your skin tight. I just have one requirement. Take a shower first so that nothin stanks while you are shavin.

Hey why not post a pic of the new you. I have not seen any of you lately with all the weight you have lost. Good for you for working out!!!

Lyvvie said...

I do not stank.

Manblogger641 said...

O ok then requirement removed. Later me you hubs and Gerbera could have some tea. :)