Friday, July 07, 2006

Endings and beginnings

Today is the last day of school for Sassy. We say goodbye to second grade and look forward with dread (Sassy) and anticipation (Me) for the rigors and excitements of third grade. New teachers and new classmates as they've decided to shuffle the kids about into different classes so it should be more fun. I think they did it because there are three second grade classes, and in Sassy's class, there are three special needs kids, one has a form of autism and gets a special ed teacher with her all the time, another has ODD and ADHD, and then there's Sassy who has no reason for her bad behavior other then she sees these other two get out of doing their work by misbehaving, and she figures if she acts up she won't have to do her work either.

Sassy's been seen by the school psychiatrist, the Dr., and has been found to be nothing more then very clever and very lazy. She does have a high level of anxiety and low self esteem, the words "I can't do it!" come out of her mouth all the time, but I grow more and more impatient with her because she can bloody well do these things if shuts up and gives it a try. Because she's not the best in the class, she figures she's the worst; there's no middle ground for her, you either win or lose, succeed or fail.

We don't put too high an expectation on her, we never expect her to be best in class. We do expect her to behave herself and give it her best efforts though. Perhaps that is asking too much?

I've got a bit of a head cold at the moment, but I think it's self-inflicted. I started Atkins this week to see if I can break my diet plateau. I've been really tired and craving carbs like crazy - bread is my big weakness it turns out. I've been eating a bit too much dairy though, and as I don't eat it normally, my body is rebelling with clogged sinuses. So I'm off the dairy again and I feel a bit better this morning. I guess I'll have to be a dairy free Atkins person. I have lost four pounds already which is great. The book says it'll be water weight, but as I drink about three liters of water every day as habit, I can't imagine it's all water.

I treated myself to some new workout gear. I found a shop selling Reebok gymwear for £10 a piece, so I bought two bottoms, and two tops. I also got myself a new pair of Saucony running shoes and it's like jogging on marshmallows - I love Saucony sneakers, they are the best I've ever worn. Second best are Adidas and after that I don't even bother. Nike may have a great ad campaign, but their shoes give me blisters.

I getting ready to pack up a picnic and collect the kids; we have a friend's son for the rest of the summer because I volunteered to child mind him while his mom was at work. Three days a week and I get paid, not a bad deal. We'll call him Gomez as he reminds me of Gomez Addams, and then it's off the play park and the library. From Monday, I'll be shitting myself...I get them full time.


Bananna said...

Funny, school just ended there. Mine will be going BACK in 3 week!

Terrible to say I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Lyvvie said...

The cruel thing is, just as the kids are all getting out of school, the shops put out their full range of "Back to School!" clothes and accessories. It's like such a mind fuck for wee kids, they get all geared up for summer break - but there's a haunting reminder in every grocery store that they're going back....and sooner than they thought Muahahahaaa!

Not to mention the pressure it puts on us parents - we feel we should buy now before stocks run low...but do we buy big in case these kids have growth spurts over the summer? Will the clothes still fit come August? It's just too much!! Plus, I just cleared out the schoolo clothes to make room in her I'm expected to fill it up straight away!

I hate store focussed marketing.

SafeTinspector said...

I hate EARLY focussed marketing. Every year our retailers become more desperate for dollars, and at this point they immediately swing into the next sales season as soon as the first is over.
The day after New Years the Valentines day crap hits the shelves.
Day after Valentines the Easter crap hits the shelves.
The toughest for me to stomach is that the day after Holloween (October, mind you) the Christmas stuff goes up.

Red Hot Sexy Papa said...

... but but everyone loves NIKE hehehe... i am a NIKE and FILA fan.

Bananna said...

The christmas thing really hurts me. I LOVE Christmas, but its getting to the point where after 3 months of stores having christmas trees up, I HATE it!!

Lyvvie said...

SafT - After Halloween?? That's...That's so unAmerican! That's just changed while I've been here, because it used to be they didn't put up any X-mas stuff until after Thanksgiving. Now it's like Thanksgiving isn't even a holiday worth noticing if it can't get its piece on the Hallmark wall. Seriously - That's just wrong!

Sexyiest Papa, I know Nike are great, but I have long narrow feet and Nikes are always too wide so they rub my heels and toes. I think they make a great product - I'd love a pair of Shox, but it's just not meant to be. I've never tried Fila, as far as I know they do fashion shoes or cleets, which neither will do for me. I shall have to worship at the Saucony altar for a bit longer.

Three months of trees will kill the X-mas spirit. I think we should all move out of the cities and towns, find log cabins and celebrate the way we all envision it should be. After one year of ignoring X-mas marketing, they should get the picture. The sad part though is, too many people *DO* stilll buy into it, or marketing wouldn't do it to us every time.

Lyn Cash said...

Seems we shut out so many incidental holidays and 'smell the roses' moments when we gloss over the other 364-365 days of the year. We'll be raising another generation of kids with couch potato mentalities and hypertension if we buy into (pun intended, sorry) all these marketing strategies.

I'm a big fan of biographies and autobiographies, and none I've read to date touted commercialism over slice of life, day to day or moment to moment incidents. The stories were about the people involved and how they were shaped by others (or how they were the ones doing the shaping).

I think that's why I love to read cookbooks - lol. You know? Ones in which the author goes from season to season, not skipping those cool autumn days or the luscious fruits and veggies that can be found between Easter and Thanksgiving.

I'm rambling - sorry. Just irks me that we miss out on so much and how we allow marketing to determine 'us' rather than the other way around.

Bennet said...

Atkins does make ya poop a lot....I think it's actually just more of a eating that changes your body's normal digestive pattern, which for most works well for a few months, but in the long term it just gets annoying...

Good luck either way.