Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blurgy blarg ghee

I'm not up to thinking just now. I'm tired, I tell you TIRED! I've been kicking my ass in the gym and it;s been hot! not as hot as you American folks, but hot enough that the windows need to be open and the blankets are kicked off. Sweaty sweating sweat sweat. Can't drink enough, can't eat enough and I just want to dissolve.

But I can't, I have kids to entertain, an ass to whip into shape and far too many chores. Today Gomez is here and by 9:30 they were ganging up on me with the "I'm Bored" chant. We're going out later for a walk in the woods, do some tree and leaf rubbings and try and found an old watering fountain used by local monks. That's it - after that they can find their own amusements. They're kids for goodness sake - surely there's plenty for a kid to create and play with without the interference of a grown-up, right?

I had two days of serious workouts in the gym and now I'm very sore and tired. I'm on a day off for rest. Why am I hiking in the woods? Oh my. For them. Always for the kids - for the love of the children - the future of our world. Oh dear, shut up.
I couldn't think of much to write for an SBD yesterday except to come up with reasons why you never read of fat women having a romance story. It wasn't easy to write and my imagination was lacking a bit. There were a few lines of "...he reached out to embrace her and his hands sunk into her soft, doughy flesh. He could feel every roll of sensuous fat and couldn't wait to find the delights within..." yeah it started to put me off my pace. And my lunch. I'll consider it a work in progress. I'll use those photoshopped pictures of a fat J-lo as inspiration. Now - should she have a fat hero, or the classic muscle bound hero?? Suggestions?

My workout yesterday was: jogged for 1.1miles at 5.8mph
60 leg curls at 44lbs
60 leg lifts at 44lbs
60 leg presses 77lbs
60 weighted plies 77lbs
60 heel lifts 77lbs
60 straight leg dead lifts 22lbs weightbar
60 squats 22lbs weight bar
40 weighted lunges 11lbs in each hand
60 inner thigh lifts 33lbs
60 outer thigh lifts 33lbs
80 crunches on ab machine 55lbs
80 crunches with ab roller
40 reverse crunches
60 weighted side bends 22lbs

I may go for a run tonight...we'll see. Oh and the other thing that happened recently, While in the gym, I've noticed it smelled really strongly of ammonia. I hate the smell of ammonia and won't even use it to clean my house. It smells like cat pee. After suffering it for an hour I complained to the head desk. They said they'd look into it.

A few days later it was there again, and the next day and finally I complained again. It must be in whatever they used to clean down the machines at night. Two weeks ago they started using this outside company to super clean the bathrooms, changing rooms and gym. Everyone kept saying how nice it smells - like strawberry vanilla. All I could smell was ammonia. But I kept quiet, I'd finally given up complaining.

Today I noticed strawberry vanilla. I haven't noticed ammonia for the past week. So I asked and they've not changed anything else since the strawberry vanilla change. I decided to do some googling about - does sweat smell like ammonia? Maybe there's a lot of sweaty drips in the carpet...

Well, as it turns out - it can. Bodybuilders in particular who have high protein/low carb diets suffer this pong. It's easily fixed by having a small (80-100 calories) carbohydrate snack before a workout. So, evidently...it was me that smelled of ammonia. A ha. ha.

Now, do I apologise for all my complaining and admit it was me that smelled bad and just hee hee laugh it off? Yeah. Women should never admit they smell. Not that anyone ever mentioned I smelled, even my kids and they have no tact to hamper their honesty.

The kids just came in and asked if one of the other neighborhood kids can join us on our walk and I said - yes??? Why did I say yes? Why do I have to be nice...

pray for me.


Sylvana said...

I admire your ambition. I keep meaning to do more exercise, but so far the best I can do is that I have started to walk to work. I guess we all have to start somewhere. And it is about a mile to

...OH, and I tore down a chimney. Now THAT was a work out! Still not as gruelling as yours sounds, though.

chryscat said...

Dear Lord:

Please guide Lyvvie as she puts up with short people all day with chants of "I'm bored." Let her not beat them about the head with a small piece of wood. Nay, let her ears deafen to their pleas and wear their rear ends out as the day progresses.
And it shall be so.

Douglas Hoffman said...

That workout puts mine to shame. How long did that take you?

Lyvvie said...

It went fine - we had lots of fun. We were on the hike for about three hours. I did puncture a tire in the stroller though, so I'm on a search for replacements.

The gym workouts are usually two hours give or take a half an hour. On days I do chest and back, there's not as many different exercises so I'll do more cardio to make up the time. I put the kids in the nursery for two hours, so have to do something with myself...and they don't have a sauna otherwise I may never work out.

What was up with blogger recently - couldn't read, respond or post. F-word blogger.