Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why do they puke when I hold them?

Why do these kids keep throwing up? I don't understand it. I don't throw up. I just tolerate nausea until it goes away, but no, not my kids. They have to throw up. And not only that, they have to wait until nestled comfortably on my lap and barf all down my front. I hate that feeling of, okay wave one is over and I'm covered in sick and here comes heave two and I'll never get her to the toilet in time so I'll just sit here and let her be sick all over me some more. Nice. Helplessness in the stream of sick.

This time Shortie has hand, foot and mouth. I took her and Sassy up to the creche yesterday so I could be in the gym (Sassy was off school for a local holiday - what holiday? I have no idea) and they were fine and dandy. Shortie was a bit tired. I went to the shop, bought some sweethearts candies and when I handed one to Shortie I noticed this huge blister on her finger. Brakes on the stroller and began a complete inspection and I found a few more on her hands, stripped off her shoes and socks and she has a few whoppers on her big toes and one right at the top of her butt crack. She began to gag on the sweetheart because they're quite tart and I had her spit it into my hand where I saw a couple of blisters on her tongue. They all came up in a matter of an hour and a half. The creche staff must not have noticed them, because they never said anything to me about them.

Now, most folks when I tell them (and I've had to tell a fair few now because it's quite contagious) they immediately look horrified and I know they have the image of huge flaming pyres of cows in their heads. But it's not like that - that's foot and mouth disease! What Shortie has is just an annoying thing that happens to kids, like chicken pox. No need to set the kids alight - it's not a new outbreak. Sassy had it when she was about two years old as well, and it was two weeks of being kicked out of nursery - where she caught it in the first place - and there's no scars, no trouble. A mild fever and a sore throat are the worst the symptoms ever get. I wasn't aware that this could affect adults too until I did a bit a of research (to settle an argument because Husband said it was the same as what the animals get - but it's not so there). It is rare in adults, but like all viruses, they're not fussy. So we are very keen on our handwashing right now, everyone and all the time. It'll not help my dishpan hands, but I'll stop it spreading to the whole family.

So, she's a bit listless with intermittent hyperactivity and she barfed up her cornflakes in my lap this morning, but she then wanted a banana right after and was happy to run about and play, so go figure. She'll not be allowed up to the gym until all of her blisters are healed. This put me into a minor panic attack because what am I going to do? I just got my routine set with going to the gym, it's habit now - what if this throws that all to shit? Well, I'm just going to have get used to going at night for the next couple weeks, and have the Hubs watch the girls for me. I'll have to come up with some fun things for Shortie to do around the house so she's not too bored, because she loves going to the creche; they let her make messes. I'm not the kid of Mum who likes kids who makes messes. I know it's wrong and terribly intolerant of me, I should let them be kids and be messy, but it bugs me. I suppose I could let her do some painting in the garden and then I can hose off any mess into the flower beds, and I could let her play with dough...not that we'll cook with any of it, of course. And there's always the sand box and paddling pool with her wee wooden sailboats. Aw heck, it'll be fine...it will. Won't it?

*** My favourite summer sandals just broke! I've had them for nine years and I love them and they dammit broke! Now i have to buy new sandals and there's no Filene's Basement here for me to buy excellent quality at a cheap price shoes! I could go to TK Maxx (Yeah, I know, TJ in the USA why change it for the UK?? Stupid I think.) (wow, that all rhymed) but it's so hit or miss there.

*** Now that I've gone all green and recycle all of our paper, I never have a newspaper to hand to kill wasps that fly in the house. I'll have to buy a plastic bug swatter and how green is that?


Douglas Hoffman said...

I replied back at my place -- and I have a new frog up, thanks to Kate.

Shame about the H, F & M. This too shall pass. I wish I knew about it, but I'm afraid I don't know squat!

I like the Guernsey frog, btw (is that the right adjective? Or is it a Holstein?)

Lyvvie said...

It's called "holsteinfrog" so I'll assume the artist knows his breeds better than I do.

Where does Kate come up with these perfect photos? she's a goldmine, I tell ya, a goldmine!

and I know people think I should know more about cows than I do, but those people, and they know who they are, should just stop picking on me before I poke them. I mean it, I have the pointy one all sharpened and ready to go.

NWJR said...

I live for posts like this.

When my baby (now 15) was about 6 months old, we used to play "baby helicopter". I'd hold her over my head, make a helicopter sound, and slowly spin her around.

Then one day she projectile-vomited into my open mouth.


Great post.

Gerbera Daisy said...

Sorry to hear the kids are sick. I remember being puked on. It caused me to want to puke.

Sorry your favorite sandals broke. I know what it is like to have something that is a favorite to either wear out or break. I wish you luck at TK (hehehe...they changed it for the UK)Maxx.

Badger said...

I had it as an adult. Oh my GOD, I've never been so sick. I had literally hundreds of blisters in my mouth (never got them on my hands or feet) and a fever of 105 F. I thought I was dying. And I kind of hoped I was. Thank goodness it doesn't affect kids as badly.

Here's hoping for a long stretch of no barfing whatsoever for you guys. You've certainly had more than your share!

Kate R said...

My brother took the frog photo in his back yard.

And it's only appropriate that I talk about DOUG's blog topic here because I talk about your blog topic in his.

And your frogcow? I love it.

chryscat said...

Sorry about your youngster! My kids were in daycare up until four years ago. So yeah. I so understand all those nice daycare diseases they bring home.
I will mourn with you for your favorite summer shoes. I still mourn my favorite Candies that I can't freakin' find anywhere!
Green schmeen. The fucking wasps must die!

SafeTinspector said...

If you are careful with teh swatter you can pass it on to later generations. As long as it remains in use, it can't take up room the a landfill.