Friday, June 09, 2006

Lookie Lookie!!

Hey look over there! No no on your right...over there! See that, that's my rental space. I can rent out blog space! How cool is that?! And that there...that's my first ever tenant - His name's Scooter McGavin! Isn't he cute! in that "fuck off you can't know me but love my hairy arms and know I am all man, baby." way! He's all sporty and fresh and full of the talk - go and see him! He has two blogs - double your pleasure!

Who may like him, well Corinna, he's a golfer guy so you two can be friends. And NWJR, he has TV stuff on his photo blog from visiting some show on site...something not shown here in the UK but good I'm sure. So the rest of you better go over there and find out what you have in common with my man Scooter.

And Scooter: I'm currently watching Poland VS Ecuador and doing my bit to enjoy the World Cup (even though I had a mini tantrum at the gym and made them put the music back on instead of the game highlights - I am a bitch), even though it's Big Brother eviction night...I'm doing a bit of channel hopping but Go Ecuador - even though they keep falling over and rolling about in fake pain - Come on be men for fuck's sake!!

Welcome Scooter!!


Scooter said...

As a former soccer, er, football player, they actually teach us how to fake injuries at an early age so it's ingrown in us by the time we hit adulthood. Unfortunately I'm still prone to fall down in fake pain even though I stopped playing after college.

But anyways, thanks for the kind words (I think) and the plug.

Lyvvie said...

No really, they're kind. Honest and true. Look at my face, don't I look completely sincere?

And you can say football for soccer and football for football (Go Pats!) because I'm bi-lingual.