Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's Tuesday?

I don't know why, but I feel like it's still Monday, like Monday never ended midnight, it just rolled over into a long continuous Monday. Not that that is bad. I love Mondays.

I'm in a trawl the internet mood today. Random Googling. Flickr flicking. Blog hopping. Talk about being a computer whore. Here's a few things that have amused me today.

This picture made me laugh.

You can help Save Screech's House And when did Screech start looking like that guy, in that show that was in Alaska - you know the show where Dr. Green from ER was on and he was a guy who lived in a bubble...you know the one. Well, he look like the guy who played the Dr. Joel. Was it Joel? I don't know, and Googling "Alaska show" doesn't help. This is my brain people - it stops dead the second I want to recall something, and it's usually something trivial like this. But have been known to completely blank people out of my memory - like I forget I ever met them, knew them, worked with them, got drunk with them - everything. It's incredibly embarrassing. I once told my Hubs about going to the movies to see a film, as you do, and it was great and I had fun and I went with so and so and we laughed and he told jokes etc. Hubs got in a huff "I was 'so and so' you twit." it happens a lot. I live with it. Wonders of blogging is I can research through my blackouts, but right now, I'm rather stumped. Oh, and don't Google "Dr. Joel" because you'll get nothing but penis pump links. WAIT! "Dr. Joel Alaska" brought me to Northern Exposure!! That was it - you knew that didn't you. Anyways, do you see the resemblance? No? Ok on reflection neither do I...not really.


Ok, I still kind of do.

I saw this

And had a wee giggle.

Ah well.


Manblogger641 said...

Screech is needing money to pay off his mortgage that his friend owns. The friend is calling the loan (250k US). Some friend. I think Screech just had a baby or his wife/girlfriend is prego. He was on Howard Stern asking for money...

chryscat said...

I don't know whether to be scared or impressed with your thought process.
As far as broke actors asking for money...kiss my ass. Get a job. That's the extent of it.

Lyvvie said...

I think he is working, he tours as a stand-up comic, but yeah. I guess the acting jobs dry up after puberty and there's only so long he can stretch Screech out.

As for he thought process, it's despertaly annoying. It started happening during my teens when I was starving myself. It's one of those thing people love and hate about me; they love seeing me tread water tossing out odd facts, but never pinning down the point, and hate it when it happens about them. The Hubs now finds it eandearing. I think. But there's at least one conversation a week that starts with "You that guy from that show that was black in white but is now in colour but was cancelled...not the one who sang country music but the other one, in the white hat?"

See, I bet you know who I'm talking about. Gilligan's Island never aired here, so the Hubs has no clue.

I should write my own game show...but then isn't that pyramid game like that? I think it used be the $25,000 Pyramid, but it may be more money now.

Bill said...

The name of the show you are looking for is, "Northern Exposure".

tornwordo said...

Love that video! I remember Northern Exposure. And I too suffer from people blackout.

Maja said...

Geezer and I got a wee giggle out of this post :) We're heading up to the northern hemisphere tomorrow (although it'll take us 17 hours to get there or something ridiculous!). Hopefully we'll remember to send you a postcard tomorrow :)

gusgreeper said...


gusgreeper said...


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Hey, you changed your avatar. Great hair.

I wish it were always Monday!

Oh, I plan to start renting NE from Netflix, if they have it. In fact, thanks for reminding me.

Weary Hag said...

Love the new picture of you!
(well figuring it's new since LBB said so)

I got such a kick out of that Christopher Walken video. I think if you look up "way cool" in the dictionary, a picture of him pops up. I swear. Mmm mmm mmm.

Northern Exposure was a great show!

(Lyvvie, thanks so much for being so supportive lately! I appreciate it)

shoopska said...

christopher walken really does rock.
i have a bit of that brain spasm thing going too lyvvie, only it's usually to do with objects and things so i end up asking the boyfriend to get me something from "that white thing, you know, the bloody white thing over in the corner there."
"what, the fridge?"
"yes the fridge, what else would 'the white thing' be??"
i'm quite sure he also finds it endearing... ;)

Douglas Hoffman said...

So my son has been bugging me to see this movie "Remote" that's coming out this Friday. Ugh. Kid's movie. But then I saw the commercial -- and it has Adam Sandler and Chris Walken. Oh yea! How bad can it be with those two in it?