Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm still smiling, I tell ya!

I'm going to keep on smiling regardless of the fact I can smell a big pile of shit coming around the corner. I just know I'm heading into bad luck. We all have bouts of bad luck and good and I've been riding the wave of neutral luck - nothing bad nothing good just life - for a while but, the bad is on it's way. Like a tornado in the distance, and I've lost the key to the safety zone.

Money is very tight at the moment. We're saving, we're paying off debt (not much left, but any debt drives us nuts) we're just trying to be good. Very very good. But things are starting to let me know that we're going to have dish out big cash soon, and it's really going to be depressing.

The washing machine has an electrical fault. Just a gremlin at the moment. It occasionally bleeps out an error message but fixes itself, it's not draining as well it used to and yesterday it stopped bleeping completely. Now, honestly it was a really annoying bleeping machine and it's current silence is quite nice. But it does tell of immanent demise. It's only three years old. It still washes and spins, and for now - I'll just pray and hope the gremlin doesn't get any big ideas.

There's a gremlin in our television too. It's a sore spot for us. When we moved to this house three years ago, the movers broke our TV, an wouldn't pay for it. We didn't want to claim it on the home insurance and have a higher payment, so we just bought a new one. It was a thompson, and it was awful! It let out this high pitched frequency sound that made watching anything impossible - it gave us headaches. The shop took it back no questions asked - it's a fault with the brand. Thanks for telling us when we were buying it you dickheads. So we thought, fuck it, we'll splash out for a proper TV and got a Sony Trinitron. It was great for about a year, and just as the shop warranty expired, it started making the same frequency noise. After many visits from an engineer, who was in his 60s and said he couldn't hear it, and lots of letter of complaint, the shop said the last option was to send it to Sony. Sony would keep the TV for 4-6 weeks.

4-6 weeks.

So, we went to a cash generator and bought an old stock but new in 1996 - lived in a warehouse all it's life - Panasonic for 140 pounds. Not a bad deal and it was great. We got a call two weeks later, the Sony was fixed and on it's way home. Big sigh. Now we had two 28inch TVs and nowhere to put the panasonic. We found a place it's now in our bedroom closet where it's hooked up to the other gamecube. We are dorks. Two years later, and the sony is starting to make that noise again. Not all the time, but every so often and we figure it'll only get worse. We aren't buying another TV. We'll probably swap the ones we have; that means we spent 400 pounds on a gamecube screen. Could be worse.

I'm doing awesome on the workouts, I'm getting really toned and I notice my lower back pain is gone, and I no longer get these awful muscle pulls on my lower bs, I used to pull a muscle just rolling over in bed, but it's not happened for three months now, so I'm quite psyched about it. I've been putting a lot of work and attention on my abs and back and it's finally paying off. When I started five months ago, the ab crunch machine was the worst, I hated it. I could barely do 10 repetitions with no weights. Today I did 100 reps on setting five. I have no clue what setting five is in weight, I keep meaning to ask. I do everything on setting five. When that gets easy, I'll move up again, I figure that will give me symmetry because some exercises on five are really easy, like triceps dips, but preachers curls are a killer....I'm boring you now. I'm sorry. I'm turning into a fitness pest.

I need new bras again. I think two would be ok, because I have two that fit well right now, and a couple that are now too big. I used to have three but the underwire just poked out on one so I'll sew it up until I can replace it, but that never lasts for long. I know which one's I want, I want the same one I bought last summer, you remember...the really ugly one that keeps the bouncing to almost nil. I love that bra. Two more will cost 40 pounds. I keep thinking, one this month one next month, but something keeps coming up. Lately it's been kid's birthdays. Not all of them my kids either. I need new gymwear too as my current ones are hanging off me. I can wait until the fall when I'll need sweatpants, but for now, shorts will suffice. Such a pain to know the charity shops don't tend to have sportswear.

The last thing that showed me that my luck was on the turn was yesterday when the kids knocked my glass of water onto the keyboard while I was on the phone in our kitchen. My fault for leaving it there. It now has no space bar, l, c or arrow keys. The Hubs was pissed. So that's another 40 pounds down. We're trying to dry it off and see if it'll come back to life, but hopes are slim. I'll try and use the hair dryer on it later. Until then, I'm on the laptop. I despise the laptop. We don't get along. It's known to erase whole pages of text for no reason at all. I'm not going to get into it right now, just know; we have issues the laptop and I.

I'm trying to keep positive, hoping it'll all work out. Perhaps I'll win enough in the lottery to cover everything. That would be great. Sorry for the downer post.


J.a.G. said...

The keyboard should be ok. You can run (a href="
through the dishwaser

J.a.G. said...

Crum...I forgot to change the brackets.

wash them

Lyvvie said...

That's a trip! Wow! Now, if only I had a dishwasher. Do you think the spin cycle would ruin it on the washing machine? Thanks for that Jag!

gusgreeper said...

go lyvvie you are working hard!!!

chryscat said...

Sorry about the bad luck clusterfuck. Maybe it'll just be a tinge of bad luck. *fingers crossed*
Post more pictures about your weight loss! It's inspiring!

Bananna said...

Wish I had the willpower to work out. I JOINED a gym...thats where it stopped.