Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm starting a hand-flapping panic.

I really want to take part in Doug's Gypsy writing contest! And I've had many ideas, and trying to write them all down is getting my head in a muddle. Stop fighting for supremacy, all these idea whores, orderly line-up and behave!

You, stop giving me too much dialogue.
You, stop making me focus too much on the senses - we don't need to smell everything ok!
You, stop adding too many characters - we need three and that's it.
You, work on keeping it under 1000 words if possible you blathering fool - you talk too fucking much!
You, stop making me spellcheck every sentence, that's what the "check whole document" button is for.

Right, now all of you better get your shit together, because I want to win and I want to win big. I have a budget to stick to and when someone as amazing, bright and downright sexy as Doug says they're going to give away a free CD as a prize, we have to be ship shape and attentive to the details!

Now, the rest of you, those of you reading this who may be getting the idea you want to enter Doug's contest - just forget it. The prize is mine, and I don't share glory with anyone. Don't even click his link...just don't. Stop it. Come back!

See what you've done now...all of You Yous, especially You who makes me talk too much, you're in the naughty corner - off with you, and don't take your nose off the wall.

Right, now.

Think Gypsies!

***I may have to try a new idea, because what I've written so far is way too racy for this place. I mean, my Mother reads this blog! Oh worry, Oh bother, Oh no I'm going to bite my nails, and make coffee and clean the kitchen...and Fuck me and this procrastination!

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chryscat said...

Let me know how you get all those damn "YOU'S" in line. The talkative, the sensory overload, ALL OF THEM!
Best of luck for the contest. Looks interesting. And yeah *big grin* I clicked. But I'm rooting for you!