Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm not fighting anymore.

I've had battles against Mother Nature on many levels, ranging from her sending rain just as i hang out the laundry to dry to sending mist and fog to ruin my just straightened hair. So, that's it, I'm not fighting anymore. I'm letting the hair have its curl. I'm going to stop trying so hard to be fashionable. Well, not too much, just not going to waste any more time on fruitless adventures in vanity.

I'm not going to bother to re-dye my scarlet streaks because I'm tired of dripping pink sweat down my shirt in the gym. They've lightened up into this kind of orange, which I'm actually not too bothered by. I'm not going to darken the brown - let the silver show, let's see what the Mother Nature Bitch has actually done to me over the years. I know that one of the lightened sections on my left temple is completely silver, and my stylist says (and I say stylist but don't think it's anything posh, ok - she's just a hairdresser, but we love our titles don't we.) I have no silver at the back. I say silver because, it is silver. Not grey, not white. Silver. When it all comes in silver, I'll probably dye it blonde, just to see how it'd look. So this is me: Au natural (ok I added a little mousse - gimme a break)


Give us a kiss!


Now, here's a couple pictures of Shortie. In my house, I don't allow guns, even water pistols. The other types of guns that shoot bullets are illegal so we don't have any of those either. Sassy has been pouting furiously because her pal has a super soaker and they have chase-me soaker fights every day after school, only Sassy has to borrow a soaker. Because I'm mean and don't allow guns. Ok, so for her birthday, I've allowed (to the complete elation of the Hubs) her to get two soakers. But in the meantime, I let her have the dishwashing liquid bottle to play with - it was great! It shot almost as far as the soaker. She was over the moon with the idea. But Shortie got hold of it and thought...hey I can scrub the patio tiles with this! Talk about having kids that are night and day in personality. Here she is, cleaning.


She fights with me over the broom and vacuum cleaner too. I can't wait until she's older...oh the joys of bleaching the toilet!!

The other thing I did over the weekend I thought I'd never do was buy a pair of Birkenstocks. I know - who'd have thought?! But I did, and they're silver. And yesterday I wore them around the house while wearing socks, because it was kind of cold. I'm turning into a hippie, and not just any hippie, but a silver shoe wearing aged hippie. But I like them, even if they did give me a sore spot on top of my foot. (Perhaps I should post a pic of that - might get me off the foot fetishist's blogroll.)

I should go and get a copy of Scooter's playlist and force feed my ears on it until I can at least feel some shame over my Birks. But seriously Scooter - Boston and Kelly Clarkson?? They can't mix well...I can't belive it.


NWJR said...

Baby, you're HOT!

Note of clarification: I'm talking about Lyvvie.

Badger said...

So cute! You and Shortie, both!

My hair is stick-straight and won't take any sort of curl whatsoever. Even the most expensive perms fall out in a couple of weeks. I've always hated it. My cousin had perfect ringlets growing up and she hated those, too. We used to wish we could trade hair. I say play up those sexy curls! I sure would if I had them.

(And lucky you, with silver hair! Mine is going an ugly grey/white that will never see the light of day if I can help it.)

Oh, and I don't allow guns either, unless they look absolutely nothing remotely like a real gun. My kids have "squirters" but they are all space-agey and not gun-like at all.

Lyvvie said...

Exactly, these guns are space-agey too ans bright fun colours, so I gave in.

Thanks for the compliments, my ego will soar a bit higher.

gusgreeper said...

that hair is really hot and so are you.

you just got lip stick on me though.

chryscat said...

I want a picture of the silver birks and blonde hair.

Gerbera Daisy said...

Lyvvie~ You are adorable!!! I love the curls. My hair is baby fine and poker straight. I HATE it!!

Your Shortie girl is also cute. What a big helper you have.

I don't like guns either but my girls always had the water soakers. I am glad you relented for Sassy.

Manblogger641 said...

Lyvvie your HOT! Love all the pics.

Bananna said...

I love the red streak in the hair!

And your little girl is super cute!!

Scooter said...

Not letting your kid have a super soaker? Now that's mean. C'mon, I had one when I was a kid and look... okay, bad example. Maybe this is a good idea.

And let me clarify something, Boston is the name of the song, the group is Augustana. As much bad music as I have lurking on my i Pod, even I haven't sunk so low to put on "More Than a Feeling." And Kelly Clarkson is okay as long as you remix her up with respectable artists.

karla said...

I can't decide who is more gorgeous, you or Shortie. Kisses to both of you!

Maja said...

Lyvvie you look fucking gorgeous!! I love your hair curly/wavy and the orange looks great on you :)
Birkenstocks and socks.. you're starting to sound more and more like a geologist all the time.

Amazing how a dishwashing liquid bottle filled with water can keep a kid occupied! Shortie looks way cute :)

shoopska said...

must add my voice to the "your hair looks hot!!" chorus - curly rocks :)

tornwordo said...

Beautiful pics.

Kate R said...

gawd you're cute!

Douglas Hoffman said...

Oh yeah baby.

Cute daughter, too ;)

Nancy J. Bond said...

Love the natural look! Go with it!

MarkFarley said...

Hot potato!!!

...or similar words to that effect. xx

Me said...

You look really good.