Sunday, May 21, 2006

Would you poke me in the eye, please?

I admit, I've been watching too much television this week. It's a crutch because I finished reading an excellent book, Howl's Moving Castle and I feel a bit lost since it's over, I loved it so much. I have the Hayao Miyazaki DVD as well and every time we finish watching it, I just want to hit play again. I've seen it about 50 times since we got it at Christmas, and it's still like watching for the first time. So, I'm grieving the loss of my fictional friends, and I'm not ready to make new friends yet. I'll start the Vol II of The Chrestomancie Chronicles soon. But I just love Howl so much. Diana Wynne-Jones said in her interview for the DVD that she's received hundreds of letters from girls saying they want to marry Howl, but I'm not in love like that, he's far too high maintenence for the likes of me. It's been one of those stories that's inspired me to start writing again.

And yet, I still watch Big Brother. I feel the need to be in with the gossip, even though none of the other Mommies ever bother to watch it because it is junk television. When I worked, the office was always buzzing with BB chat, and I liked keeping in with the current trend of conversation, since my fashion sense is atrocious and I didn't fancy anyone in the office and I didn't go out drinking or anything remotely interesting.

As I feared, Shahbaz is a twit. He's just about turned the whole house against him, already, and was asking to leave the BB house. Also, the po-faced princess Nikki, who obviously has always gotten her way with a whine and a tear, is just pitiable as a human being. She burst into tears because BB wouldn't give her her suitcase (or anyone else's for that matter) "And I really need my eye make-up remover! It costs £16 a bottle and it's important to me!" Then she complained that there was no bottled water in the house and she was dehydrated and she wasn't going to drink the horrible tap water (Which BB says is twice filtered for cleanliness, I only filter water once so aren't they spoiled!) and she was getting a migraine. Wah. She needs to go. Then, there's the "Jocks and cheerleaders" gang (who are: Grace, Imogen, Mikey and Sezer) who sit and stroke themselves while making vicious comments about everyone else in the house and laugh over it. I'd like to see them tortured a bit before they get kicked out. The girls were saying that Nikki is fat and how could she come in wearing a bunny costume when she's so fat. Uhm, Nikki is not fat, not even close in fact I said she had skinny, bony legs. They are horrid, and then the Jocks went on to say how sometimes it's ok to fuck a fat chick because they're more eager and energetic in bed than skinny girls who rely on their looks, and usually end up just laying there doing nothing; and yet that may sound like there was a gram of chivalry in his (Sezer) statement, but it was all just to see if the cheerleaders tried to defend themselves with a "Well, not me I love sex.." blah. It's painful viewing!

So. I should stop watching TV and start reading my books. It's the only safe thing to do. So, uhm, put that poking thing down, and leave my eyes alone.


Anji said...

Thought I'd pop and say 'hello'. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I know that lost feeling after finishing a good book too. We only had two seasons to Big Bother (The Loft) over here, but my kids couldn't get enough of it when we visited England last summer.

chryscat said...

*putting down the stick and handing Lyvvie a book*

Maja said...

OO! OO! I just saw Howl's moving castle for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't realise till I saw the movie that it was one of my FAVOURITE books when I was a teenager. I think I first got the book when I was 14 or 15 or something.. I LOVED the book so much, and the movie is great.. animation was the best way to make it :)

There's a sequel isn't there? I'm sure I've got a book that comes after Howl's moving castle. I meant to grab it when I was at my parents house the other day, but I couldn't remember what it was I wanted to get from there. Doh!

BB sounds AAAWful!