Saturday, May 13, 2006


Today was lovely and a bit guilt-filled.

not the same as cream-filled, unfortunately.

Today Short-Stack is two years old! Hooray!! Yes we forgot to buy her a present, and I didn't make her a cake and it's not that big a deal because she has no clue what a birthday is anyway. She did have a present to open first thing, which was from my brother and sister-in-law. We did the Grandma Roundup and they were generous with the cash.

We had the swimming lessons this morning, and then we went right out to the mall. We bought a lot of Lego Duplex, a couple toys for the sandbox, a big bottle of bubble stuff and some old fashioned Lego for Sassy. It's important to buy a gift for the other sibling, so they don't feel left out and resentful. Sassy loves that her sister had a birthday, so see: we are cool parents.

I do not recommend that you ever go to ToysRus with money and the absolute need to buy a gift for your child, because they become dazzled and can't make sense of anything they see. It's all too shiny, glossy and makes rude noises that are beyond attractive (sounds like a nightclub). The kids are in the thrall of toy passion - and no I'm not sure that's a real word but I use it a lot, it's like enthralled, but "in the thrall" and therefore thrall. Ok I'm paranoid about the thrall, so I dictionary.comed it and it means to be in bondage to something so it works perfectly - they are in bondage to toylust! enbondaged? Oh fuck it, you know what I mean, there's a lot of drooling, pointing, whining (Again, like a nightclub).

The whole episode was broken down to the Hubs and I grabbing things off shelves and saying:
"Nah. This?"

after about an hour we really start to hate each other. Then it gets competitive, well on my part. I really want Shortie to like the toy I choose best. I'm petty. I'm a Capricorn. You aren't married to me so shup. When we get home we unpack everything, spread it out on the floor and let her run wild through the newness of new toys. We all know the wonderful feeling that comes from the newness of new toys. All I can say is, she liked mine best, and mine cost the least. I'm on top. Here's a couple pictures.

This is New Toy Joy! (I got the sand thingie behind her)

This is what I looked at for the next half an hour while I washed the dishes inside. Sandy McCrack.

Now, why am I thinking about Donald Sutherland? Well, I saw a portion of his interview on "TheView" a show we don't get, but for some reason is reviewed on ITV. He was talking about how he and his wife have a wonderful relationship. They're very close. It's this quote that proved it to me: "I'd know my wife's fart in a roomful of farts." and I just thought, damn that's love and then I thought ew, a roomfull of errent farts and you have to find a particular one, again ew. I can see this being a future game show, but I'll not think too hard on it. I wish I could find it on you tube but it's not there. Bummer - was well worth seeing again. (also a bit guilty as I don't think I could find the Hub's fart in a roomful of farts, but I'm sure I could find my own. See, petty.)

Thanks Gerbera for the reminder that tomorrow is Mother's Day - right back atcha! We had Mother's day last month, or was it March....I forget, but a while ago anyways. So now I'll not forget to call my Mom. Not that I think she'll care if I call or not. She's in the thrall of her Fiance. We've not spoken since January, but I'm sure she's happy. We all love falling in love, It's like the newness of new toys.

Be happy Mom.


NWJR said...

She's beautiful, and you and hubs are indeed blessed in myriad ways.

tornwordo said...

So cute, both you and the pics. And Happy Mother's Day Lyvvie.

(oh, a roomful of farts? that's just wrong.)

"AG" said...

Happy Mom's Day!

Gerbera Daisy said...

Happy Birthday Shortie!!! And thanks Lyvvie for naming me in your post. :-) Have a good day!

Badger said...

Aw! The happiest of happy birthdays to Shortie!

Nancy J. Bond said...

She's a doll, Lyvvie. :)

Maja said...

Aw, toys! I love getting new toys ;) Happy crack!

Manic Mom said...

What a cutie-pie. Even with the plumber's butt!